New Google Add-Ons for Docs!

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Texthelp Highlighting Tools

In case you haven’t heard, Google recently announced the availability of Add-Ons for Google Docs and Sheets. You can find the official announcement on Google’s Blog.

Texthelp is excited to be one of the first companies to offer an Add-On for Google Docs. In this post I will be showing exactly how to find, install and use this new tool.

Before you can install an Add-On you must ensure they are available to you. To do this, simply open a new Google Doc and click the “Add-ons” menu item (see image below). If you do not see this menu item keep checking. It is being rolled out gradually to all users and should be available everyone very soon.

Google Doc Menu Bar


Assuming you do have access to the new menu item, simply click “Add-ons” followed by “Get add-ons” to view a new window containing available Add-Ons.

Google Doc Add-Ons Page


To install the Texthelp Highlighting Tools Add-On, simply find the appropriate Add-On from the list (see option with red rectangle in image above), click the “Free” button to install (see below), then be sure to accept the permissions. You will then be taken back to your Google Doc and see a message that the Add-On has been installed.

Install Add-On Page

Now that your new Add-On has been installed you can access it from within a Google Doc by clicking the “Add-ons” menu item followed by “Texthelp Study Skills,” then “Show Highlighting Tools.” This will cause a new sidebar to appear.

Texthelp Highlighting Tools Add-On

Using Highlighting Tools could not be easier. Simply select any text you would like to highlight and choose a highlight colour from the sidebar. Your selection will then be highlighted in that colour.

Highlighted Google Doc

Once you are finished highlighting click the “Collect highlights” button. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want your highlights ordered by document position or by colour (see image below).

Collect Highlights Screen

After making your choice, click “Collect highlights.” Your highlights will be created in a new document. You will be prompted to click a link when ready by a message in the same window (see circled text in image below).

Collect highlights Screen

Clicking the link will open your new document containing your highlights. This document can be edited, printed, shared, or used in any other way you would typically use a Google Doc.

Google Doc with Collected Highlights

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also choose to “Clear highlights” from the Highlighting Tools sidebar.

Note: Highlighting Tools are available free for 30 days. Once the trial ends, users can have continued access by purchasing a license of Read&Write for Google, a Chrome extension consisting of support tools for Google Docs, the Web, and other files such as PDF, ePubs, and more. You can learn more about Read&Write for Google in the Chrome Web Store by Clicking Here.

Jason Carroll

Jason first learned of Assistive Technology while working on his undergraduate degree where much of his spare time was spent assisting a regional education centre with basic technology needs. Amazed at how this technology could benefit so many students (particularly those he grew up with) he was hooked and immediately became an expert at the centre. After receiving his Masters, Jason returned to the coop to serve as a full time Assistive Technology Consultant serving over 200 schools in the central Kentucky Region. Since this time, Jason has trained thousands on Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning concepts throughout the United States and beyond. His focus is on integrating research based practices into the work he does and helping others ensure that what they are doing works. He specialises in assisting people to bridge the gap between operation of technology and actual implementation. Jason is a published author, has taught Instructional Technology and Universal Design for Learning at the University level, and spends a significant amount of time on e-Learning and blended learning initiatives. He is a graduate of the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP) from California State University at Northridge and holds a Masters in Business Administration. Currently Jason serves as Product Marketing Manager for North America at Texthelp Inc. where he oversees new product launches and speaks nationally on a variety of Assistive Technology topics.

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