How do I search in Google using the reading level filter?

The Reading Level feature in Google is a great tool to filter results based on three broad reading level categories: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

To access and use the Reading Level filter follow these steps.

First, in Google find the settings icon. This can be in different locations on your screen depending on the device you are using. The image below shows a PC, with the link to the settings at the bottom right of the opening page.

Reading level 1

Select Settings and chose the Advanced Search.

Reading level 2

Choose the desired reading level and select Advanced Search.

Reading level 4

Five options are available: no reading level displayed, annotate results with reading levels, show only

Reading level 3

Your search will now reflect your Reading Level filter, and you are good to go!


[vimeo id=”111737285″ subscription=”true” login_description=”Want to learn more? A video in the Google Tools for Learning series demonstrating this feature is available through a ‘Spectronics Online’ subscription below.”]


Video references:

Dan Pyne reports that over 80% of university students said they begin research projects by using an internet-based search engine, while less than 1% start by consulting their library’s website.

The Library of the Future by Dan Pyne, posted August 22, 2014.

Comprehension is enhanced when images are linked with text.

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PDF link


Greg O'Connor

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2 thoughts on “How do I search in Google using the reading level filter?

  • March 29, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Greg

    I am a high school teacher. I have recently’discovered’ that Google had a search option for documents based upon reading levels. In the same breath, it was also noted that it has been removed.

    With the ongoing demand for differentiation in a mixed ability setting, I thought such an option as golden.

    Since the google search option is no longer available I was wondering if you knew of something similar.



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