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Doug has worked in education for over 5 years. Primarily an audio engineer Doug now works in K12 education and can often be found in class addressing students and teachers in podcasting, movie making, presentation software and web design. Doug was recently acknowledged by Apple as an Apple Distinguished Educator and by Adobe as a Adobe Education Leader. Doug spent 3 years working with Apple Education in the UK developing a number of workshops and honing his presentation skills infront of 100′s of teachers from over 40 top UK universities. Doug also writes a quarterly article for Education Today magazine.

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Blooms, SAMR & the 3 C’s

Blooms, SAMR & the 3 C’s

When the iPad first hit the classroom it was criticised for being a *Consumption* only device. Of course this is no longer the case as *Creation* is easy with hundreds of media rich creation apps. *Collaboration* is one of the most exciting things about the iPad, enhancing differentiation, assessment and feedback with students. Consumption, Collaboration and Creation. Every …

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