Literacy Instruction Workshop tour – Through the eyes of an experienced classroom teacher!

Images of children learning with iPads and tablets

As a classroom teacher, practical application is what I need demonstrated and what I love to share! Teaming up with Speech Pathologist guru, Amanda Hartmann, for the up and coming Literacy Instruction Tour means that participants will be given a double dose of practical instruction and enthusiasm linked with current research.

Photos of Amanda Hartmann (Speech Pathologist and Inclusive Learning Technologies Consultant) and Jenni McDonald (Early Childhood Teacher and Literacy Consultant)


In my present role as classroom teacher, I’m lucky enough to be working with 27 diverse learners who keep me on my toes and make sure that I’m providing differentiated instruction that attends to their literacy needs. In our current climate of data-driven outcomes and accountability, it can feel overwhelming to make sure that we are attending to all the children’s literacy needs. That’s why I’ve buddied up with my techno pals in our classroom, which we have named Ziggi (our USB Document Camera), Touchy (Touch screen digital display); Whitey (Interactive Whiteboard) and our one sole iPad (unbelievably not yet named!) I’ll be sharing how my “pals” help us with reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening and how I manage that within a class of 27 and still get to leave at a reasonable hour at the end of the day!

I am so thrilled about working with Amanda to provide participants with a fun, practical and informative technology-driven literacy workshop. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Fiona Allen: Congratulations Amanda, Cha and Barbara and the rest  of the Spectronics team... great day today, I feel so much  more confident with the app. Great training, as expected!!		  Mandy McLean: Just gotta say THANK YOU Amanda and Barbara, yesterday in Sydney

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About Jenni McDonald

Jenni (or Mrs. Mac as she is known to her young students) has dedicated 27 years of her life to studying and sharing the fine art of engaging children in fun and educational learning. She has crammed a lot into that time taking on roles in a variety of regional and remote schools across Queensland and the Northern Territory. Roles as varied as being an early childhood teacher in the classroom, visiting Education Advisor for the Cape and Gulf region of Far North Queensland, Literacy Coordinator, Teacher Librarian, Learning Support Teacher, and even a couple of stints as Head of School. She also spent three years as Co-Director of a private early childhood consultancy service in Cairns.

Such dedication to the cause of lifting literacy levels of students in early childhood and primary schools has not gone unnoticed. Jenni has been nominated for several awards, and, in 2007, her significant contribution was acknowledged nationally when she won a prestigious National Excellence in Teaching (NEiTA) Award. An award specifically designed to give communities the opportunity to nominate inspirational teachers who connect with their students and produce exceptional outcomes at a local, state and systems level. On all levels, Jenni certainly fits that bill.

She is also committed to supporting ongoing professional learning having lead many workshops and conference presentations around early childhood and primary school level literacy skills development. Her workshops are renowned for being fun, educational and interactive. They are made even more valuable by the fact that she is still a practising classroom teacher, currently at Freshwater State School in Cairns, ensuring that her skills remain up-to-date, relevant and in touch with the reality of busy, diverse classrooms!

This selection of comments from the parents of her current students backs up how valuable Jenni’s skills are to them. As they will be to you too on joining her Literacy Instruction workshop in November!

“Jenni is a truly exceptional leader with a gift and passion that inspires and lifts little people to help them reach their potential in many ways.”

“Jenni shows my daughter that learning is fun and will go to great lengths to make sure she understands things. My daughter looks forward to going to school to show Jenni what sight words she knows and to share what she did on the weekend. Jenni has made the first six months of my daughter’s school life a dream. She could not have asked for a more patient, approachable, eager, caring teacher.”

“Mrs Mac would have to be the most caring and resourceful teacher I have seen in my lifetime. She is approachable and genuinely cares about the literacy, numeracy and creativity skills of each child in her class. My daughter has blossomed in the exciting environment that Mrs Mac has created at Freshwater Primary School.”

“I have 7 children .. my youngest is in Jenni’s class this year. Unfortunately it is his last day as we are moving .. my only regret about leaving is that he won’t have Jenni to guide him through his first year of school and set him up for his school life with her amazing love and positive attitude to learning … she is truly an amazing lady and after over 20 years of putting my children through schooling I have never come across a more dedicated caring and loving soul as Jenni.”

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