Integrating iPads Into the Classroom


This blog post includes resources and links for participants attending professional development training. It includes information to help educators successfully integrate the iPad into their mainstream classroom. Information has been compiled by the Spectronics Consultancy Team. Please email us on if you need any further information.


If you want to know more about iPad Basics then watching the 101 webinar is highly recommended: iPad Basics 101 (iOS6) and iPads Basics 101 (iOS7). Top iPad Tips

Accessibility information via the Spectronics Blog:

Accessibility Icon

Accessories Additional accessories such as durable cases, speakers, mounts, switch interfaces, keyguards and styluses can also help to make the iPad more accessible for your students. A range of links for these can be found on our Accessories Page Integrate the iPad into your classroom Share your iPad screen to your VGA-equipped data projector, TV or monitor. Via a cable: Apple VGA Adaptor or Apple Digital AV Adapter 30pin to VGA adapter30p-AV AdapterLigntning AV Adapter OR Wirelessly: Apple TVReflection, and Air Server Apple TV

Using iPads with Interactive Whiteboards



While we like to recommend lots and lots of favourite apps, many times it is not about having lots of apps. In the classroom, it is about having a few really good ones. Ones that you can use to create your own materials. When you create your own teaching and learning materials, it means that they are relevant, age appropriate, specific, motivating and most importantly, they suit you, your classroom and your students!

1. Book Creator

Teacher and students can create books with photos, audio, text and video. 101 uses in the classroom! Book Creator Blog Spectronics Blog  on Book Creator.

2.  Bitsboard Pro

Vocabulary teaching with interactive games. Use existing vocabulary or easily add your own.

 3. Popplet

Graphic organiser to create mind-maps, allowing for classroom brainstorming, planning written work and much more!

4. Explain Everything

Screencasting and interactive whiteboard app, allowing you to create videos  with pictures, photos, annotations and narrations. Explain Everything iBook Manual  Explain Everything Video Tutorials 

5. Puppet Pals

Create fun and interactive videos.

6. Scan -QR

More information on QR Codes
Spectronics QR Code

 7.  30 Hands

Create slideshow videos easily from photos.

8. Aurasma

Take student interaction to a whole new level. Link videos behind images for on the spot learning and engagement.


Here is a HUGE collection of team favourite apps that can be used in the classroom, some of which may be demonstrated during the workshop.


{EARLY LITERACY/ SPECIFIC PHONICS INSTRUCTION} Blog links: Apps for Phonics and webinars on Spectronics Online.


Check out this webinar: Top 10 Apps for Literacy Support Full a full list of Literacy Support Resources, check out Greg’s blog post . GRAPHIC ORGANISORS Full list of apps here: Some examples: READING TOOLS Reading supports such as: clear formatting, cognitive rescaling, text-to-speech. Full list of apps here Some examples: Useful websites: Simple Wikipedia – a simple english version of wikipedia Text Compactor - compacts/ summarises inserted text Rewordify – a web based option to help students understand what they read by supporting understanding and vocabulary. WRITING TOOLS Writing supports such as: word prediction, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word banks. Full list of apps here Some examples:


It has never been easier to put the technology into the hands of our students. Allow them to create projects to demonstrate what they know. This blog post has more ideas and apps: Creation Tools for the iPad. All apps included here are ones that are easy to use and may have good sharing and publishing features. PICTURE CREATION APPS BOOK CREATION APPS VIDEO CREATION APPS MUSIC CREATION



Tools using Safari:



Number: Money: Time:


Discover new apps via an app: Websites:

Using Social Media

Need to find more? Want to connect with others who are implementing iPads in their schools and exploring the use of the wide range of apps available? Using the time-honoured strategies of occasional conference attendance, as funds are available, or listserve participation or surfing the net is simply no longer enough However the collection of freely available resources and valuable time-sensitive advice for special education teachers and those supporting struggling students has grown exponentially on social media channels – supporting building of powerful Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) without geographic boundaries. A comprehensive overview of these online resources and networks, including Facebook Groups, Twitter hashtags, blogs and key influencers in the field around special education and learning is available via this link

App icons for building your Special Education and Learning Support Professional Learning Networks
In the past special educators and learning support teams have been less enthusiastic than their mainstream peers in embracing social media to build powerful, extended PLNs. It is time to accelerate and expand the adoption of these tools by special educators, to connect with like-minded colleagues globally.

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About Amanda Hartmann

Amanda is a Speech Pathologist with over 17 years experience. She has worked within educational settings, as an Inclusive Technology Consultant with Spectronics , and currently focuses her time on her busy private practice.

Amanda is a Key Word Sign/Makaton Presenter, an official Proloquo2Go trainer and an official expert TBoxApps Trainer for Therapy Box. She is also a certified Apple Trainer and regularly runs iPad workshops to help schools integrate iPad technology into the classroom, for all learners.

Amanda has a special interest in supporting and developing communication, literacy and learning for a wide range of diverse learners, often through the use of visual tools, sign language and technology. She has spent many years providing therapy support and teacher/parent training in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for students with complex communication needs, due to disabilities such as: Cerebral palsy and other Physical impairments, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Autism, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Intellectual Impairment, Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and others. She also has specialist knowledge to support the literacy learning of students with learning difficulties, language impairments and other diverse learning needs. She is passionate about providing interactive and engaging presentations to educators, parents and therapists.

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