So much choice with ChooseIt! Maker

We all know and love ChooseIt!Maker products and enjoy the ease at which we can create activities with photos, symbols, text and sounds to address the curriculum or specific skill areas such as:

  • cause and effect
  • literacy, numeracy and science
  • sound lotto and matching
  • reward music choice boards
  • question and answers
  • comprehension of “wh” questions and concepts
  • problem solving
  • games
  • books
  • quizzes and so much more…

You can use ChooseIt! Maker products with a touchscreen computer, interactive whiteboard, switch access, head mouse or eye gaze. Read below for some links to help you get started with switch and eye gaze access.

However, we have so many options available with ChooseIt! Maker that it can be difficult to know which one you would use and where!

If you don’t have easy internet access and can meet the computer requirements (Windows 7, Vista, XP x32 and x86 operating systems only) then choose ChooseIt Maker 2 (CM2). You can also use the Ready-Mades without having CM2 and access 100s of extra activities.

Access to the internet is now stronger and wider than it has ever been before. So if you do have the internet access and want to use ChooseIt! Maker anywhere, on any computer, and at any time then choose a ChooseIt!Maker 3 (CM3) subscription.

I created a quick 11 minute video to show you how flexible and easy it is to create different activities.

You can also use the ChooseIt! Maker 3 app to play any of the activities you have created with your CM3 subscription!

The latest apps for iPad and Android give you access to the Ready-Mades I mentioned earlier.

Alternative access

Resources for developing switching or eye gaze skills

Switch interfaces for a computer

iPad switch interfaces

As with all HelpKidzLearn products you can contact the Spectronics team for assistance. You will also find some answers to common questions on the HelpKidzLearn website.


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About Charlene Cullen

Charlene has worked as a speech pathologist, supporting people with complex communication needs and learning disabilities for the past 15 years. She has worked in a variety of roles within the Disability Services of Western Australia, including Senior Speech Pathologist, Rural and Remote Resource Therapist and Regional Team Manager.

Charlene is a trained Key Word Sign (formerly Makaton) presenter, certified Hanen It Takes Two to Talk presenter and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. Charlene is also an official Proloquo2Go / Proloquo4Text trainer, and TBoxApps Trainer for Therapy Box.

Charlene has developed strong skills in and a passion for, the area of AAC and assistive technologies. She enjoys presenting workshops and providing consultancy services to support and educate parents, teachers and therapists in the use and application of inclusive technologies.

Charlene has been a full time member of the Professional and Consultancy Services Team at Spectronics.

AGOSCI State Representative for Victoria (2012-present); Key Word Sign Victoria committee member (2012-present).

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