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This fall we have been busy adding to our ever-expanding bank of LearningGrids resources for Clicker Apps. Many of the recent sets have been designed to support early learners, by providing access to curriculum content as well as developing their reading and writing skills.

Clicker Books activities, such as Food Likes and Dislikes – Read and Vegetables – Read, reinforce common sentence structures through repetition and help students learn to recognise everyday vocabulary. The recording feature integrated in the books allows students to easily practise their reading to improve fluency. Colors – Talk, a Clicker Books activity without any text, is designed for students to record information about different coloured objects in order to demonstrate their understanding of colours and to develop their speaking skills.

A carrot and a red balloon

Emergent writers can transfer their colour knowledge to a simple sentence building activity using Colors in Clicker Sentences. Other new Clicker Sentences sets cover a range of topics including the Months of the Year, Seasons, and Numbers to Ten.

Clicker Sentences screenshots with a green frog and 2 bananas.

Clicker Connect activities help early learners become more independent writers as well as practise literacy skills. With the new set Rhyming Sentences, students experiment with rhyming words within simple sentence structures. At the Park and At the Farm introduce students to recounts and focus on the use of time transition words.

Clicker Connect screenshots

Be sure to visit LearningGrids to find a lot more resources to support your early learners!

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About Tania Johnston

Tania Johnston – Curriculum Specialist, Crick Software

Tania Johnston was a primary teacher and an ICT consultant prior to joining Crick Software in 2005. As a curriculum specialist with Crick Software, she uses her classroom experience to develop curriculum content for LearningGrids, as well as more extended resources for the Powered by Clicker series. Tania has delivered presentations and training events at conferences in the UK and the US on the effective integration of technology throughout the curriculum.

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