Three cool things #2 2014

HI again,

Here are the 3 cool things I did this week:



Google Hangout on Air


I am totally loving the idea of using Extensions/Apps within Google Chrome. Adds a whole new way for our students to engage with, and learn from the internet! Here are some of the Google extensions mentioned in this Google-Hangout recording:

Tldr, Clearly, Shorten me, 1 click timer, Screecastify, Dragon drop search, Fokus, Read & Write for Google – search for these in the Chrome Web store now!

2.  Used Aurasma when reading a book – for signing supports!

[link ids=”aurasma”]


When we hovered over the repeated line in the story ‘But where is the green sheep?”…..


Up popped the video support of the Katie signing the sentence.

BUT, I loved the idea that came from the Mum while she was watching her son do this… She said, “I am going to get his Dad to make videos reading some of his favourite pages of his favourite book. Then, when Dad is away for work, he can still have Dad read the story to him!” Awesome! From one idea, many things grow!

PS: In the meantime I also found this cool video on how to use Aurasma. This might help if you haven’t tried it yet!


3. Left edit on and let the student have a go!

[link ids=”proloquo2go”] is a communication system for students with little or no speech.

When using Proloquo2Go with my students, I usually turn EDIT MODE off – to stop them adding and deleting and generally mucking around and making a mess of the vocabulary we have in the app. Well, this week, I changed things around! I enlisted the help of my friend Rupert, and asked him to help me make a page of buttons of Australian Animals. After showing him a couple of times how to add a button, he had a go and I managed to get a video (check it out below). He has only been using a keyboard independently for a little while and is only just showing us what literacy skills he has. This is the first time he has done this, so sure, he needed lots of prompting. And sure, it isn’t perfect. But it is exciting to see the possibilities – I can already imagine in a years time, that Rupert will be adding his own vocabulary that he needs for communication, and that, my friends, is TOTALLY cool!

[youtube id=”vgoxNxFe0Kg”]


What 3 cool things did you do this week?





Amanda Hartmann

Amanda is a Speech Pathologist with over 17 years experience. She has worked within educational settings, as an Inclusive Technology Consultant with Spectronics , and currently focuses her time on her busy private practice. Amanda is a Key Word Sign/Makaton Presenter, an official Proloquo2Go trainer and an official expert TBoxApps Trainer for Therapy Box. She is also a certified Apple Trainer and regularly runs iPad workshops to help schools integrate iPad technology into the classroom, for all learners. Amanda has a special interest in supporting and developing communication, literacy and learning for a wide range of diverse learners, often through the use of visual tools, sign language and technology. She has spent many years providing therapy support and teacher/parent training in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for students with complex communication needs, due to disabilities such as: Cerebral palsy and other Physical impairments, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Autism, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Intellectual Impairment, Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and others. She also has specialist knowledge to support the literacy learning of students with learning difficulties, language impairments and other diverse learning needs. She is passionate about providing interactive and engaging presentations to educators, parents and therapists.

One thought on “Three cool things #2 2014

  • June 14, 2014 at 11:15 am

    I learnt more about Aurasma, and have some great ways to use it to model using the communication devices we own, as well as making the information at work more accessible for people with cognitive, vision or literacy issues. We showed a few people at work, and now have hepas of ways we can use Aurasma!

    I also set up the Leap Motion Controller, and am exploring controlling my computer using only gestures!


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