Using Clicker in secondary school science lessons

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We have a really interesting new success story to finish the term with!

Science teacher Jon Hickman works at Kelvin Hall Secondary School in Hull, UK. He has been using Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps to help students with special needs, and also those learning English as an additional language, to access the science curriculum more effectively.

“I work with a student in Year 7 who has severe learning difficulties and is also learning English as an additional language…His target was to be at level 2A by the end of this academic year. It’s very difficult to find appropriate science resources for the KS3 curriculum that are aimed at students working at less than a level 3 or 4 – with Clicker, I can make them myself.

I use the Clicker Books app to create talking books containing the key information for that particular lesson or experiment – these include pictures and simplified vocabulary. If there are any words he struggles to read, the app will read them to him. I then include some questions at the end for him to answer; again, he has support features like the speech feedback, vocab banks and word prediction to help him do this.

He is now able to really engage with the curriculum, extract the relevant information from the books and demonstrate his understanding via his answers. I have a much better gauge of where he is at now, and am pleased to say that he is already exceeding his target and working at level 3A.”

Click here to read Jon’s inspiring success story in full.

A page of a Science books created using Clicker Books showing the handle of a frying pan

A page of a Science book created using Clicker Books talking about heat convection

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