Finding LearningGrids resources – top tips

Reposted with permission from Crick Software UK Blog

Using the search bar in LearningGrids is a fantastic way to find Clicker resources on particular topics. Did you know that it’s also a great way to locate activities that focus on a particular strand of literacy, writing genre or on developing a particular skill?

The following search terms are my top suggestions – I hope you find them useful!

Search for:

  1. frame’ to find all writing frames
  2. ‘sentence’ to find all sentence building activities
  3. ‘-read’ to find all reading books
  4. ‘-talk’ to find resources for talking about topics
  5. ‘-write’ to find resources for writing, this includes writing books and writing frames
  6. ‘adjectives’ to find resources that focus on adjectives
  7. ‘adverbs’ to find resources that focus on adverbs
  8. nouns’ to find resources that focus on nouns
  9. ‘investigation’ to find resources to support writing up science investigations

LearningGrids search for "sentences" resources

LearninGrids search for resources with 'Investigation'

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Jordan Butel is a Senior Education Consultant for Crick Software in the UK office. He looks after all of the training at Crick and ensures that schools use Clicker and WriteOnline effectively.

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