What’s to know? Explore new features of Proloquo2Go 2.0

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Proloquo2Go continues to be one of the best out of the box AAC apps available to us today.

And it just got better when the new version 2.0 was released. With more flexibility, more customisation features and great starting vocabulary sets, Proloquo2Go has never been easier to set up and use for people with communication impairments.

This webinar includes an opening introduction into some quick new features. We then take an in depth look at:

  • Vocabulary sets (Core vocabulary and Basic Communication sets, developed based on the latest research into communication and language)
  • Appearance Settings – how to make changes to the overall appearance of your vocabulary set
  • Editing – looking at all the different ways to edit and make changes to your vocabulary set, including changes to individual buttons and pages
  • Vocapriority – which is the fantastic new system in Proloquo2Go for organising your vocabulary quickly and easily

This video will be beneficial for families, educators and therapists who are using Proloquo2Go and want a fast and easy guide to help them explore the new features of Proloquo2Go, Version 2.0.  It is also useful for people using Proloquo2go for the first time. You will finish the webinar with more confidence and knowledge for setting up and using ProloquoGo.

You may also like to check out our previous Webinar titled “Proloquo2Go: Making it work for YOU”, which has been a very popular guide to customising Proloquo2Go on the iPad and is now available to you free-of-charge!

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2 Responses to What’s to know? Explore new features of Proloquo2Go 2.0

  1. Meredith Loudon says:

    I found this webinar very helpful and a good overview of the features of Proloquo2go. Thanks, Amanda. You mentioned in your webinar that one school had come up with a school master page set. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of that set?

  2. Amanda Hartmann says:

    Hi again Meredith! Really glad you enjoyed the webinar! I have sent you an email, because of course, we are happy to share! Amanda

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