Using Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs on Your iPad to Support Writing

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This webinar will provide an overview of the newly released Clicker apps brought to you by Crick Software.

We will explore Clicker Sentences which is an early writing tool enabling all children to build sentences with whole words and phrases. We will also explore Clicker Docs which enables you to easily create documents using word prediction and customised word banks. Both have many features that can be varied to suit students with different abilities.

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23 Responses to Using Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs on Your iPad to Support Writing

  1. Sarah Kelly says:

    Just wondering what to search in the app store for clicker sentences? can’t find it under that name or clicker Docs or crick software ;(

  2. Sarah Kelly says:

    Never mind. I think it’s because I’m on the i-phone not the i-pad :)

  3. Vanessa McFlinn says:

    Hi there I was a participant in your ipads two day workshop in Auckland recently. I notice that you have an online subscription to access resources or webnars etc. Can you please tell me how to go about setting this up and the cost please.
    Thanks Vanessa McFlinn

    • Lorraine says:

      HI Vanessa here is the link to the Online Premium Subscription site

      That has all the information you need. The prices for an individual subscription are $110 +GST or $570 +GST if you need a School Subscription which allows every student and teacher simultaneous access via either school or home devices.

      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me via

  4. Sarah says:


    I recently downloaded Clicker Sentences for my I pad. I think it’s really easy to use apart from the folders. It is confusing when you want to save or delete files, and sometimes you find yourself working on a document which was last opened. Why does there have to be two documents in use all the time? Can you make this process of opening, saving and deleting folders/files more straightforward? Otherwise a great app.

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Sarah. It sounds like you have been exploring Clicker Sentences thoroughly. We can certainly pass your feedback onto Crick. Thanks for letting us know about your experiences with the app so far. Charlene

      • Gaynor says:

        I agree with Sarah’s comment of May 21st. I am having the same difficulties – it is extremely confusing when using a new sentence grid and the previous document page opens. I would also like to know why there has to be 2 files in use at the same time. It is a fantastic app otherwise but I am spending far to long trying to trying to understand this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as we really want to use this app efficiently with our students? Gaynor

        • Charlene Cullen says:

          Hi Gaynor,
          The Clicker Sentences app has been designed so that when you start it up it will open with the last document you were working on. I found this confusing at first too. Now I make sure that when I start up the app I think about what I want to do first and I set set up the document straight away by 1) Staying on the same one, 2) creating a new one or 3) finding a saved one in File Explorer.

          The way that the Clicker Sentences app works is very similar to Clicker 6 software. When you use Sentence Grids in Clicker 6, the document and the sentence grid/set are separate sections and saved separately. In Clicker 6 the student can have multiple sentence grids open to write into one document. Within the Clicker Sentences app (whilst you can’t have several Sentence Sets once at once) you could rotate through some different Sentence Sets to write into the one document. For example, a student might use one Sentence Set that has high levels of support with models on the grid but then you can change to a different Sentence Set with less support if they were showing that they were doing well. Or the student might write into the document about 2 different topics using 2 different Sentence Sets. I suspect it has been made this way to provide some greater flexibility with writing and provide continuity with the software (as they are interactive and you can create in one and send to open in the other). The document itself can also be emailed just like any word processing document – without the sentence set attached.

          I hope that that makes some more sense. I am happy to discuss this with you further at any time if you’d like to contact me


    • Irene says:

      Well you are doing better than me – I can’t even seem to save my students documents!!

  5. Melissa Foley says:

    Just wondering how to go about accessing the videos because the message is that the creator will not let me access the video. It is a vimeo plus access. However, i have a subscription to your online service.

  6. David Vu says:

    Thank you for your message Melissa. Please try to access our blog again using the link below

    Sometimes you can get to our video resources with the secured https URL and the video from Vimeo will not work. In this case, simply replace the “https” in the browser URL with the “http” and reload the page and the video will work correctly.

  7. Felicity Lovatt says:

    Does anyone know how to program two words to appear in one cell within a clicker sentence set in Clicker Sentences app e.g. ‘Birthday cake’ defaults to two separate cells.

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Felicity,
      You need to use the square brackets around the 2 words. Like this [birthday cake] and then it will appear as one in the cell.

  8. Felicity Lovatt says:

    Thank you Charlene! Problem solved :)

  9. Lynda says:

    I’m new to Clicker sentences. I’ve just started playing around with it. How do I close a File in Use so I can delete it?

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Lynda,
      If you look in Settings (the spanner icon) there are some sections on how to do this in the Help tab. Look in Manage Documents and Sentence Sets at the sections on File Explorer and Delete/Rename and Copy.
      The File in Use needs to be changed to another file before you can delete it. You do this in File Explorer. Once you have changed the File in Use you can then hit “Edit” and select files to delete.
      If you need further assistance please feel free to email us at

  10. Margie says:

    Does anyone know how I can change the number of cells that appear on the screen? I want to write something like “I like pizza” in three separate cells across the screen but it always defaults to two cells or words on one line and the third word in a separate cell on the next line.


    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Margie,
      You should get three cells in Clicker Sentences but I will email you to see if you have resolved this and get a better idea of what is happening.

  11. Nicky says:

    Does the ‘Clicker Sentences’ app support switch use? If so, which ‘box’ (therapybox etc) enables this access?
    Many thanks in advance,

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Nicky,
      I have also replied to you via email. Crick have not made their apps specifically switch accessible (although Clicker 6 software is).

      You can turn on iOS switch control and it will work to a degree but it won’t scan all hotspots and scans settings menus. There aren’t any options to change this.

      If you have an iPad that is iOS7 or above you can test the switch control without a Bluetooth switch interface by making the screen a switch. This will give you an idea of what it will be like and if it might work for a particular individual.

      But essentially Clicker Sentences hasn’t been made to work with a switch.
      Charlene Cullen
      Spectronics Consultancy Team

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