My Board: My Way!

Download “My Board – My Way”

Download “Animals by Nick Wonham”

Download “Changing Bodies with Joan and Thomas by Nick Wonham”

Download “Dr Who Cookery”

Download “Mark Making Matters”

Download “Olympic Match”

Download “Public and Private with Joan and Thomas by Nick Wonham”

Download “Rhymes and Rhythms”

Download “Spoiling and Improving the Environment by Nick Wonham”

Download “The Sky Book by Nick Wonham”

Download “The Earth Book by Nick Wonham”

Download “The Fire Book by Nick Wonham”

Download “The Sea Book by Nick Wonham”

Download “Waynes Weather Bag by Nick Wonham”

Download “Welcome to Australia”

Download “Which Toilet with Joan and Thomas by Nick Wonham”

Download “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”

Download “Who Can You Talk To with Joan and Thomas by Nick Wonham”

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One Response to My Board: My Way!

  1. Emily Rounsefell says:

    skills required for touch screen device
    looking listening responding
    make something happen
    touch anywhere then applying that skill to touch something
    touching a target (visually discriminate, look, find and select)
    find it and them find them
    complete a simple sequence
    all in a line and then select to jump
    drag and drop
    drag along a path and then drag to a target.
    touch anywhere-
    if u maximize a video in YouTube tuch the screen and it will play.
    identify what will catch the kids attn (black and white is most likely to be looked at – Immature visual cortex) at the first indication of movement with intent make the activity cause and effect.
    watch for tactile defensiveness – could be because the screen is hot (particularly plasma screen) may wish to use program where the children have to touch and hold their finger on the screen. however for children who want to touch the screen and keep their hands on the screen may be best to have a program that only responds once the hand has been lifted.
    other programs:
    target and touch music
    touch something-
    when working on touching something be careful of the background as the background may effect discrimination. do not want busy backgrounds.
    also think of distracting background music and effect on attn.
    use stimulus that are particularly motivating for the child you are thinking of. (e.g. thomas the tank engine)
    how to download music off YouTube- Facebook from spectronics
    other programs:
    target and touch programs
    my board
    IT mouses kills
    slideshow maker
    target and touch patterns
    find them
    having more than one thing on the screen and having the child to find them.
    e.g. have three things on the screen that may be motivating and have them select one with a visual and auditory reward. encourage sharing of made resources as may save time.
    other programs:
    target and touch programs
    my board
    IT mouse skills
    slideshow maker
    target and touch patterns
    all In a line
    introduces the concept of moving something across a screen.
    get a number of things In a line- then touch each one in turn left to right once all of the, have been touched then a visual/auditory reward can be played.
    touch to jump.
    touch the same object multiple times until it reaches it’s desired destination. (e.g. a ballerina jumping multiple times to get into the spotlight) with a visual/auditory reward revealed after the destination is reached.
    dragging and dropping
    activities that require the children to drag an object onto a background. (e.g. populating the sea with fish)
    can be used in conjunction with a labelling activity.
    great free resources
    Wayne’s weather bag – children have to choose what the character would wear in a certain weather condition.
    who can you talk To
    which toilet
    the fire book
    the earth book
    Olympic matching game
    rhymes and rhythms
    the environment
    changing bodies. – supports older learners in sex Ed. (comes with teachers notes)
    who is it safe to talk to?
    which toilet with Joan and Thomas – to help them learn which toilet to use. to generalize the recognition of the toilet symbols.
    resources by nick wonham (has learning objectives at the beginning)
    choose and cook.
    many free resources however, be sure of the quality.

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