Liberator has posted up onto the Online Resource Hub a large collection of information aimed at a wide array of people interested and working in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Apart from actual product brochures there are folders containing research articles, practical teaching suggestions, lesson plans, guides to vocabulary, and a selection of resources linked to Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP).

This represents a commitment to customers in terms of Liberator providing awareness, education, knowledge, training, tuition, and support. The staff is dedicated to ensuring all parties involved in the decision-making process of trial and prescription are well-informed and thus better able to make informed choices.

Liberator is all about accessible language for the non-verbal, irrespective of physical or cognitive challenges. Our quest is to deliver real language to device users, allowing them to express themselves independently in a spontaneous manner.

These tenets form the foundation of our language approach to AAC. Technology is merely a conduit. Our belief is based squarely upon sound linguistic structures that allow AAC users to acquire language in a natural way. Our goal is to equip customers to form relationships, gain identity, seize an education and live a full life.

Visit Liberator at Booth 8 to learn more about why our language stance is unique in the field. If you would like to receive a free onsite consult, arrange a free 4-week device trial, hear about free virtual training, or simply talk about language and success, the experienced Liberator team awaits.

Nigel Duckett

Managing Director
Liberator Pty Ltd

Product Brochures

Download “LR7 Liberator Rugged Brochure”

as DOC (3.7 MB)as TXT (3 KB)

Download “Accent 1200 Flyer”

as PDF (4.8 MB)as TXT (5 KB)

Download “Accent 1000 Flyer”

as PDF (4.8 MB)as TXT (5 KB)

Download “Accent 800 Flyer”

as PDF (4.8 MB)as TXT (5 KB)

Download “Accent Vocabularies”

as PDF (4.6 MB)as TXT (5 KB)

Download “NOVA chat 10 Flyer”

as PDF (4.3 MB)as TXT (5 KB)

Download “NOVA chat 7 Flyer”

as PDF (4.2 MB)as TXT (3 KB)

Download “NOVA chat 5 Flyer”

as PDF (4.2 MB)as TXT (3 KB)

Download “NOVA chat Vocabularies”

as PDF (5.1 MB)as TXT (5 KB)


Download “Language Acquisition through Motor Planning Resources”

as ZIP (1.3 MB)

Download “AAC Research”

as ZIP (3.5 MB)

Download “AAC Language Resources”

as ZIP (7.9 MB)

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