Keynote Presentation: What Works? Assistive Technology + Literacy Strategies for Learner Success

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Download “Keynote Presentation What Works Assistive Technology + Literacy Strategies for Learner Success”

Download “What Works – AT + Literacy Strategies for Learner Success”

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One Response to Keynote Presentation: What Works? Assistive Technology + Literacy Strategies for Learner Success

  1. Alice Cocis says:

    - reading achievement key factor for drop outs, then correlates with prison inmates – remediation (try all the strategies to help them read) vs compensation (modify so something reads for them)…. remediation takes time away & looses content – what if they get both compensation and remediation together… they learn to read and don’t miss content – strategies links with assistive tech…. merge these together – eg. pix writer and clicker… simultaneously prompting (no time delay click here etc) and computer based
    writing supports common applications: – text-to- speec eg. read and write gold, website, (works with google chrome) & text to voice works with Firefox are browser add-on… research not great for students with listening/auditory skills, great for reading difficulties… collecting data of with/without tech shows if they progress with it… eg. tape assisted reading (eg. take home to practice to help read), peer reading, writing and reading revision eg. read&write gold reads back what they wrote
    – study supports eg. read&write gold, dligo, Evernote (free app, or web browser), scribble (annotates adds notes)…. use lots of strategies, use explicit instruction on proper use (model)
    – word prediction… great for PI students reduces key strokes, improves writing quality/decreases spelling errors/slower typing (better with on screen keyboard
    – graphic organizers eg. read&write or write online with crick, inspiration, free mind (free to download), web based or… great research
    Evernote explore!!! popplet app!!!

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