Engaging Students with Literacy Difficulties

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  1. To Cheryl,

    My name is Antoine Toniolo. I am the F-10 Coordinator at the Distance Education Centre of Victoria. This year I was a finalist for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards under the Curriculum Innovation category. I have a huge commitment to the development of online teaching and learning and recently spent some time in the United States and Canada researching this growing area. John King Jr., Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Education called online learning, “The light at the end of the tunnel”. Victorian teachers can be counted as world leaders in this area.

    As part of International Education Week (November 12-17) I am presenting at the Global Education Conference on November 13th at 10a.m.with a DECV colleague, Luke Jackson. Our focus is literacy and online collaborative learning. The purpose of this email is to invite share our invite to a 13000 strong online ed. conference entitled,
    Comics Go Global: Fostering multiple literacies through online creative collaboration. Please see the URL below for conference connection details.


    Kind regards,

    Antoine Toniolo

    F-10 Coordinator
    Distance Education Centre, Victoria

    • Hi Antoine

      I will jump in here for Cheryl. Congratulations on being a finalist for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards and on presenting at the Global Education Conference this week. I look forward to hopefully attending your session.

      I also have a presentation at the conference – Global Collaboration Extending Professional Learning Networks in Special Education and Learning Support – this Thursday the 15th at 4pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

      Good luck with your presentation and thanks for spreading the word about this innovative global professional learning opportunity.


      Professional and Consultancy Services Manager, Spectronics

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