Developing Literacy in Special Needs Classrooms

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  1. Toni Howard says:

    Jane Farrall
    website: www
    • all kids co e to school ready to learn
    grade three Literacy average reading age….
    • two hours a day for teaching literacy
    Karen Erikson
    • Functions of Literacy important before learning to read and write ..
    • ~ 12 times the time to become conventional readers (page 4)
    • Kids Wii disabilities – some parents have low expectations for their children with disabilities
    – passive in the process – Repeated reading of books – Important – Linda Bercott – variety & repetition – Big book – for a week
    – Kids find upper case easier (for great difficulties)
    Working with real world issues – relevant – photos of kids doing to stuff to write about – modeling then joint then independent writing IPAD – app that says letter as he types it…. Assistive Chat (all in one vision- could see the correspondence)
    FLIP CHARTS – 4 letters on first 2 charts then increase numbers on charts – turn the page & space flap
    • To best teach reading, you have to teach Phonics and Whole Language **** – Page 5…. Balanced Literacy (Phonics)
    Four Blocks Literacy – multilevel in every way… – guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, working with words – – buy CD flip charts
    Guided Reading – Set a purpose – real reason why – wide selection of books – more open ended questions – broad purpose – 1 book a week (1 purpose per day) – build confidence – participation – independence
    Types of Guided Reading
    1. picture walk (eg Welsh book onSpot)
    2. 3 part GR -before during an after
    3. directed reading – thinking activity
    4. KWL – what do I do, what do I want to know, what have I learned
    Repetition with variety – inspiring learning

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