Clicker 6: Literacy without Limits!

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One Response to Clicker 6: Literacy without Limits!

  1. My random Clicker 6 Workshop Notes from Post-ILT2012 Conference presentations by Jonathan Reed
    International Business Manager at Crick Software in the UK (with Special Needs Teacher background)

    Bob Rogers commented that 7000+ iPads are going out into QLD schools soon so an app or at least a player for Clicker 6 would be great for QLD students to access.

    Clicker is used in 90% of primary schools in the UK. See success stories on the Crick website. Also up there a heap of 90 second training modules.

    Clicker 6 Quick Starts designed to make writing by students and creation of grids/resources by teachers (and students too).

    Start writing – created to address the complaint that it was too difficult in Clicker 5 to instantly start working. One step access to writing.

    Only a male voice in Clicker ANZ version – as Acapela have only made one Australian voice at this stage. But if we have other SAPI 5 voices installed, Clicker 6 will be able to see them. For example, Karen and Lee installed with programs like Texthelp Read&Write GOLD or ClaroRead.

    Save Clicker docs as Word doc is one option.

    Widgit symbols and SymbolStix available as add-ons for Clicker 6 now. Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols for Clicker coming soon. Can use symbols in word prediction.

    The PCS images will no longer be Windows Metafiles WMFs as they are not viewable on Macs and Clicker 6 is ships as a dual-platform Windows/Mac program. So the files to be supplied for the PCS for Clicker 6 add-on collection will be in formats compatible with both eg. png and others. And the images will be viewable on the CD and therefore should be usable in other programs like Word, PowerPoint, ChooseIt Maker etc.

    2500 pictures supplied as standard with Clicker 6 as part of the Picture Library.

    Under “Files” tab are 30+ readymade examples to show how to use the software.

    Learning Grids activities are updated every two weeks. Thousands of grids up there. Downloaded activities will play with the “Australian voice” as default even if created using UK or US voices. As Clicker searches for installed voices and the Australian voice is the only one installed with Clicker ANZ version.

    Multiple grids can now be open at one time. Accessible by clicking on tabs for each grid displayed at the bottom of the screen.

    More context-sensitive display of tools needed at any one time – making it easier for students to be able to write.

    Simple English Wikipedia for simplified Wikipedia content

    New Clicker Set > Sentence Building
    Cut and paste sentences from any source – and click “create grid” and it automatically creates the grid with all words randomly ordered. One grid for each sentence if you wish. Can randomise display each time opened if desired (to avoid kids successfully building sentences by learning the sequence not the content). This feature alone generated a spontaneous round of applause at the ILT2012 conference last week.

    Book making wizards – making books much quicker.

    Switch access for word prediction? Open the switch-accessible prediction grid. Where do we find this? Other access settings in Clicker 6
    Choice of mouse, one switch or two switches – very similar to Clicker 5 options include scan types and speed.

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