AT Implementation: Professional Development that Works!

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Download “AT Implementation – Professional Development That Works”

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One Response to AT Implementation: Professional Development that Works!

  1. Amanda Kudo says:

    1)How do you get over the barrier of inconsistent wifi in school settings when iPads are being used with students in classrooms all over the school?
    2) What is a good way to quickly and consistently save work which has been semi completed by students on an iPad but needs to be continued at home on another device?
    (The devices at home often do not have the same apps to enable manipulation in the same way as at school causing frustration)
    These questions have arisen because of an Action Research Project which I have been asked to perform as a paraprofessional (How can I best assist the implementation of iPads as an assistive technology for students with additional needs in a mainstream setting?)the I
    Pads in our school are shared devices.

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