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Dawn Hallett

In 2009 Dawn began working at Warringa Park, a school which caters for students with an intellectual disability from the ages of 5-18. 40% of students there have been formally diagnosed with autism.

In 2011 Dawn was appointed 'iPad Coach' at Warringa Park and became responsible for the integration of 430 iPads into the school. Her role involved facilitating workshops and supporting teachers in the classroom. This was the start of an exciting journey into transformational teaching and learning for the teachers and students at Warringa Park School.

Dawn is extremely passionate about providing a curriculum to meet the needs of ALL students. The iPad has already made a significant difference to the lives of students at Warringa Park School and she has witnessed first hand students writing, counting and communicating for the first time using this device. Dawn is extremely excited about the possibilities yet to be discovered for learners with an intellectual disability.

Dawn has recently moved to Perth to be with her partner, and will hopefully have employment by the time she presents at this conference in May!

Warringa Park School: www.warringapark.vic.edu.au/Warringa_Park/Home.html

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