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Following the successful “Meet the DynaVox T10 workshops” during August we have had a number of queries about the T10 and the Compass app. We thought we’d put them all together in one post and we’ll add to them as we receive more.

If people purchase a T10, how many iPads/iPad minis/tablets can it be loaded on?

With the purchase of a T10 you are entitled to a Companion Compass app for one iPad at no additional cost.

Is there a function to stop a tapping student, from repetitively tap tap tapping the same word over and over?

Yes, you can adjust the hold time in Access options of the Settings to prevent repetitive tapping. This will apply to all buttons.

Can you SHARE the message written in the message window on the T10 to email, or to a notes page or something?

With the release of Compass 2.0 there are some new pagesets. The All Access pageset does have the option to share what’s in the message window to email.

I have a question about how to use my app, how can I get my questions answered?

Your myDynaVox account includes access to many different support options. Email a knowledgeable DynaVox technical support representative or search the DynaVox Compass knowledge base, or post your question on a Q&A board. If you have a T10 with Compass you can also contact us at Spectronics and we would be happy to provide some support with your questions about the app.

Where is the PODD user guide for the Compass PODD pagesets?

The user guide is accessible from the main page for PODD on your Compass app and it will take you to a web page. You can also click on this link and go directly to this guide.

Is PODD available on a DynaVox VMax+

PODD 15 is available for Grid 2 software. And there are PODD Pagesets for Compass app on the T10, iPad or Windows tablet. Currently PODD is not available on other speech generating devices.

The Compass 2.0 release notes mention a perpetual app. What is this?

There are now 2 app options.

The perpetual app is called Compass by Dynavox and is available at a one off cost. There are some additional versions that include premium pagesets for PODD with DynaVox Compass (available in Aus iTunes store 22/9/14) and Gateway with DynaVox Compass.

You can still continue to use the original version DynaVox Compass Connect for a free 30 day trial, a subscription or for Compass for Professionals.

Is the Compass editing software on Mac?

No, it is currently only available for Windows PC. As the software evolves it may be available for Mac OS’ in the future.

That’s all the questions for now. I’m sure you have more questions, so be sure to leave a comment and we’d love to get back to you.

Check out this video: Introduction to the T10 and Compass to find out more.




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3 Responses to T10 and Compass FAQ

  1. Darren says:

    Love the Compass, thanks. I used the wizard to setup the keyboard pagesets to show a literate client. Can you pls tell me how I can go back and show my next client the other pageset?

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Darren. Great that you are enjoying the Compass app. You can get to other pagesets by going into Settings (look for cog icon) and then choose Backup/Restore button. You can then just select a pageset or do the wizard but you will need to be online if you’re using the iPad as it will get the pages from mydynavox in the cloud. Cheers, Charlene