Top 10 Tips for getting the most out the ILT2014 Conference | Only three weeks to go!

Only 20 days to go now folks! Less than three weeks until the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2014 (#ILT2014) kicks off on 20th May on Queensland's Gold Coast!

If you have registered already, see the first article covering the top 10 things you need to do to be sure you get the MOST out of your conference experience. We are so excited to have you joining us!

If you haven't yet registered, there are still places left. We can fit you in and warmly welcome you to also join our vibrant and enthusiastic #ILT2014 Conference community.

Register Online NOW!  Or  Download the Registration Form

You’ve registered. You’re excited! Here are the TOP TEN things you need to do before the conference to get the MOST out of being there!

Image of the ILT2014 Conference banner and Facebook Page images

  1. Select your preferred sessions within the program or make changes before Thursday 15th May. If you need the instructions on how to do this resent to you, contact us on or phone Spectronics' Brisbane office on (07) 3808 6833.
  2. Check out the sessions being recorded for the Virtual Registrations. This may influence your choice of sessions, or prompt you to sign up for a Virtual Registration.
  3. Download the ILT2014 Conference app! It's a great way of carrying the conference around with you in your pocket.  And watch this helpful series of short videos on using the app put together by Amanda from the Spectronics Consultancy Team.
  4. Attending any BYO iPad or BYO Laptop sessions during the conference? Make sure you check out if there are any recommended apps that need to be installed before you arrive. Just read the session description to find this info.
  5. Join the ILT Conference Facebook Group. Please do! It's going to be one of the central places for chat during the conference, with the conversation building already. You'll hear any important news first there too!
  6. Sign up for Twitter to be ready to give it a go onsite. Start by following the conference at @ILT2014 and watching the #ILT2014 hashtag conversation thread building already.
  7. Join five of our Google-savvy presenters in our "Getting Ready for the ILT2014 Conference Google Hangout" scheduled for Tuesday 13th May at 8.00 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). More details next newsletter! If you miss it, you can also check out the recording of the Hangout here on Spectronics' YouTube Channel
  8. Enter the competitions! Both the AbleNet iPad Accessibility Bundle Competition and the Texthelp Literacy Bundle Competition will be closing before the conference this time to allow more time for judging the most worthy winner. Closing date for entries is Wednesday 21st May. Not long to go!
  9. Have you booked your accommodation? Some rooms are still available onsite at Jupiters Hotel, our conference venue, and we recommend that you book using our discounted accommodation rate booking instructions. Starting from $199 per night wtih the option to share a twin room available too.
  10. Finally, if you are joining us for the gala Conference Dinner, we are running with a bit of a Black and Gold theme. But really, wear whatever you want so long as you are Dressed to Dance!
Conference delegates dancing on the dance floor at the ILT 2012 Conference Dinner event

What does the program look like?

Complete Conference Overview or Conference Schedule

All program and presenter details are available on the Conference Program page of the conference website. But if you are one of the many people telling us that they find it handy to have a printed copy of the full conference program on hand, we also offer two downloadable PDF options for you.

Register Online NOW!  Or  Download the Registration Form

More of your Featured Presenters | Today meet Martin Littler and Carol Allen from the UK!

Image of headshots of Martin Littler and Carol Allen alongside logos for Inclusive Technology and HelpKidzLearn

Today, meet two of our UK contingent. Both are long term friends of Spectronics. Well, so long as we don't mention the Ashes of course!

First up, meet Martin Littler. Martin's history with the assistive technology spans many years. He was there teaching in classrooms way back when the Acorn computers were at their peak in special ed. Since that time, he has actively and progressively moved with the many changes to the world of ICT in schools. For the past 16 years, he has headed up Inclusive Technology in the UK and also drives innovation at their new HelpKidzLearn site producing popular online resources and over 30 iPad apps now. He founded the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) to promote the needs of people with disabilities and the industry which serves them. With an understanding of where assistive technology has been, where it is headed as we look to the future and the impact of many disruptive technologies along that journey, Martin is the perfect choice to deliver his Keynote Address: Assistive Technology: Nineteen-Ninety to Twenty-Twenty on the final morning of the conference.

Learn more about Martin Littler here.

Next, we introduce Carol Allen. Carol is an Advisory Teacher for North Tyneside City Learning Centre and specialises in integration of ICT and special educational needs (SEN in UK speak). If you attended the ILT2012 Conference, you may recall the video of Carol speaking to us all, played before the Closing Keynote address by Ian Bean. She and Ian have worked closely over the years on many presentations and consultations in schools. So 2014 is the year, with the valued support of Inclusive Technology, for us to bring her out to Oz for you to enjoy in person! She tells us she is very nervous about her sessions, but if we keep her plied with good coffee and chocolates she will be fine. We are onto it!

Learn more about Carol Allen here.

Carol's presentations, Technology and Autism: A Practical Approach and Literacy and Laughs! have been so popular with delegates selecting their sessions, we will be filming both these presentations in full to be offered to people who sign up for our NEW Virtual Registration option. This option also will include video of Martin Littler's Keynote.

View Virtual Sample    Presentations being recorded

Sign up for a Virtual Registration!

Which ILT2014 Conference presentations are being recorded for the Virtual Registrations?

Image of the ILT2014 Conference Program page showing how sessions to be recorded are highlighted in blue

An ILT2014 Conference Virtual Registration means that even if you can’t be there in person, you can still be a part of all of the most popular sessions presented at the conference! All to be available to you a week after the ILT2014 Conference is over. And viewable for a full 12 months afterwards.

Even if you are at the conference in person, adding on a Virtual Registration gives you access to these awesome resources supporting a full year of presentations and collaborative IT strategy planning on your return-to-base.

As promised … the 25 presentations (40 full hours of video) chosen for inclusion as part of the #ILT2014 Conference Virtual Registration experience are now up online! Just visit the Conference Virtual Registration Page to see them all listed … or check out the ILT2014 Conference Program page and select the cool little Virtual Registrations checkbox to see them light up in blue! 

Flyer headed "Which Sessions will be recorded?"

View Virtual Sample    Presentations being recorded

Sign up for a Virtual Registration!

TweetWall Pro will be there sharing your Tweets. Cool!

Image of a mobile phone being used to send tweets up to a big screen behind and on-stage panel

Twitter is going to play an active part during the ‪#‎ILT2014‬ Conference. In partnership with the innovative TweetWall Pro onscreen display of your tweets and photos. This could be fun!

If you are on Twitter and are attending the ILT2014 Conference, start by following the conference @ILT2014 and our Keynote Presenters.

Kevin Honeycutt @kevinhoneycutt
Carole Zangari @CommGreenhouse
Jason Carroll @jkcarroll
Martin Littler @MartinLittler
Greg O'Connor @gregoconnor

You can also now subscribe to our list of fellow tweeters who will be onsite with you at the conference and if your Twitter name is not in there already … just let us know so that we can add you in ASAP.

If you are not already using Twitter, why not set up an account ready to use when you are with us? If you need some help with knowing where to start with Twitter, we find these two references pretty helpful.

And check out the Hashtags, Retweets, Tweetchats and More: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Twitter presentation by Trina Phuah and Harmony Turnbull at the conference too. 

Image of Twitter names for the ILT2014 Conference Keynote Presenters

Image of a flyer headed up "10 Reasons to attend our conference"

There are so many conferences and workshops available. What makes this one so special? Why should you choose to commit your limited funds to joining us? Click here to download the PDF flyer outlining the TOP TEN REASONS TO CHOOSE OUR CONFERENCE! 

But … if we had to identify just the TOP TWO reasons that separate us from the conference pack, first up it would be the fact that we offer a unique professional development opportunity focused exclusively on learning support and technology. A combination not available anywhere else in the Australasian/SE Asian conference calendar. Some focus on technology. Some focus on learning support or special ed intervention strategies. We cover both. In every session!

AND secondly, we make it VERY easy for you, or your team members attending the conference, to share what they have learned on their return home. Maximising the benefit of your investment in the conference. All of the conference presentation materials and supporting resources will be available online to be shared freely for TWELVE MONTHS after the conference is complete. An optional “Virtual Registration” also provides access to an additional 40 hours of video recordings from the conference for twelve months too. Great for a full year of staff development presentations and IT strategy planning on return-to-base!

We'd love to have you join us if you have not already registered. Just sing out if you have any questions at all on email or phone (07) 3808 6833 at our Brisbane office. You'll need to call +61 7 3808 6833 if calling us from outside Australia.

Register Online NOW!  Or  Download the Registration Form

PS Don't forget that entries are now open for two awesome competitions from our Gold Sponsors Texthelp and AbleNet. A Texthelp Literacy Support Bundle of a Chromebook, software and Google Extension bundle valued at $11,669! And an AbleNet iPad Accessibility Bundle of a top-of-the-range iPad Air and a selection of new AbleNet technologies that make the iPad accessible to switch users – valued at $4000! To be in the running to win, you need to be registered to attend the conference and able to attend the Conference Closing Session on Friday 23rd May to collect your prize if you are the lucky winner! Entries close Wednesday 21st May, to give us time to carefully consider all entries before the busy conference days kick off. Good luck!

Enter the Texthelp Literacy Bundle Competition here.
Enter the AbleNet iPad Accessibility Bundle Competition here.

With sincere thanks for the support of our valued sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors

Images of Nuance and Staging Connections logos Image of logos for Inclusive Technology, AbleNet, Texthelp Systems and Crick Software
Gold Sponsors

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Barbara has a strong interest in the opportunities for students with disabilities or learning difficulties made possible through technology. She is also a passionate advocate of the use of social media tools to promote the power of inclusive learning technologies to enable independent achievement for all – whatever form that achievement might take.

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