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The ability to share files easily and swiftly is an important feature of educational software.  It enables learners to demonstrate their work to others and makes it easier to work using multiple devices. It also provides a way for teachers to distribute assignments and reading materials.

As part of our ongoing efforts to evolve our Clicker Apps, we have added new ways to share files. In addition to email, Dropbox and WebDAV, you can now share files using Google Drive.

Like Dropbox, Google Drive is a free cloud storage service, which allows you to store your files online. Once you upload a file to your Google Drive, you can access it from almost any device by visiting

On phones and tablets, you can also access your Google Drive through various apps.

To start using Google Drive in the Clicker Apps:

  1. Ensure your Clicker App is up to date by checking the App Store for updates.
  2. Open your Clicker App. Tap the Settings (cog) icon, tap Sharing and turn on Google Drive.
  3. To link your Google Account, tap the File Explorer icon, tap Google Drive on the left and tap Link to Google Drive. Supply your Google Account details and tap Sign in. When prompted, allow the Clicker App to access your account.
  4. To add files to Google Drive, tap the File Explorer icon and tap iPad on the left. Browse to your files, tap one or more file files, and then tap Copy. Tap Google Drive on the left, browse to your desired folder and tap Paste.
  5. To open files from Google Drive, tap the File Explorer icon and tap Google Drive on the left. Browse to your file and tap it to open it.

If you have a Windows PC or Mac, you can automatically synchronise it with your Google Drive by downloading the free Google Drive program. This makes it simple to share files between Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps (or WriteOnline and the WriteOnline app).

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