Literacy Instruction for Young Learners: Technology-Enhanced Classroom Strategies

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Download your Planning and Reflection Page

As reflection is a crucial part of any learning session, we have not only allowed time for this, but have also designed a reflection page using our unique “Learn-Differentiate-Evaluate-Motivate” model. With so much information to be shared in one day, this will allow you to walk away with a condensed summary of what will work for YOU in your setting and some clear goals for how you can make that happen! Please download the reflection page and bring it to the workshop with you printed out ready for your notes or ready to edit on your mobile device.

Reflection Page PDF   Reflection Page ePub

Outline of today’s session

8.00am Registration Desk Opens
Tea/Coffee on arrival and a chance to network with like-minded delegates
9.00am to 9.15am Introduction
Where to get more information
Intro 1
Intro 2
9.15am to 9.45am Loving Language

  • Importance of oral language
  • Speaking and listening
9.45am to 10.30am Stimulating Sound Awareness

  • Rhyme and sound identification
  • Segmenting and blending
  • Sound-letter awareness
10.30am Morning Tea
11.00am to 12.30pm Rocking Reading

  • Comprehension
  • Accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm to 3.00pm Fighting Writing

  • Writing mechanics
  • Writing supports
3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm to 4.30pm Top Ten Take-Home Tools
Don’t miss this last session! Your presenters will share their ten favourite technology-enhanced strategies and tools for building literacy skills for young learners. Literacy instruction tools they simply can’t get by without. Along with resources for ongoing sources of new ideas to add to your own classroom literacy toolkit. Five minutes each for their Top Ten then finishing up with a literacy tools prize draw. Ready set go!

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Literacy Instruction for Young Learners Workshop overview

Useful Online Resources mentioned during the workshop

Useful apps mentioned during the workshop

Speaking apps


Story Telling apps


Listening apps


Sound-Letter apps

Preschool University Alphabet apps


Segmenting and Blending apps

Preschool University apps – Read and Spell series


Analyse these apps


Rhyme apps


Even more apps


Apps to aid comprehension


Decoding apps


Sight word apps


Fluency apps


Vocabulary apps


Handwriting apps


Spelling apps


Punctuation and Grammar apps


Graphic Organiser apps


Writing support apps


Other Useful apps


Other technologies used during the workshop

Belkin Switch Box for alternating display of laptop and iPad screens   Ziggi Document Camera
Belkin Switch Box for alternating display of laptop and iPad screens Ziggi Document Camera
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder   Easi-Speak Pro Sound Recorder
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder Easi-Speak Pro Sound Recorder

Using iPads with Interactive Whiteboards

Taking Your Learning Further

Building your Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

Download the PDF

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