Learning to Choose – Choosing to Learn

Download “Learning to Choose – Choosing to Learn Presentation”

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Download “Shared Sessions Notes by Claire-Ellen Roberts”

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4 Responses to Learning to Choose – Choosing to Learn

  1. Melissa Demasi says:

    Very keen to get these slides. Thanks

  2. Great workshop thanks. Really enjoyed the stages of choosing and found the videos great…please post them on the web!

    • Hi Lynne, thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the session. Unfortunately I don’t have permission to put all of the videos in the public domain, just for use by Inclusive Technology, hence why not included in the slides. As you will realise it is a great privalege to get video footage of other peoples children and I would not like to abuse their trust. Hope you understand my position and can still make sense of the presentation as it is.
      Best wishes

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