Keynote Presentation: Beyond Recreation and Leisure: Motor Cognitive Learning through Engaging the Brain

Further resources supporting this presentation are downloadable below.

Download “InterAACt Framework”

as PDF (2.3 MB)as TXT (6.6 KB)

Download “Beyond Recreation and Leisure – Presentation”

as PDF (9.1 MB)as TXT (8.6 KB)

Download “Partner Augmented Input – Teens”

as PDF (64.3 KB)

Download “Chain of Cues”

as PDF (218.2 KB)

Download “Partner Augmented Input – Children”

as PDF (109.0 KB)

Download “Creating a Positive Communication Environment”

as PDF (63.1 KB)

Download “ILT Beyond Recreation”

as DOCX (345.8 KB)as TXT (69.5 KB)

Download “Selecting Activities Worksheet”

as PDF (337.5 KB)

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