iPad Workshop | Brisbane | 7th March 2013

Outline of Today's Workshop

9.00am to 10.30amCustomising the iPad to accommodate the needs of diverse learners.Slides
10.30am to 11.00amMorning Tea
11.00am to 11.45amAdding content to your iPads to support students in special ed classrooms.Slides
11.45am to 12.30pmAdding content to your iPads to support students with learning support needs in mainstream classrooms.Slides
12.30pm to 1.30pmLunch
1.30pm to 2.15pmAdding content to your iPads to support students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).Slides
2.15pm to 3.00pmCreating customised content on iPads: Students and teachers as authors.Slides
3.00pm to 3.30pmAfternoon Tea
3.30pm to 4.00pmDon't throw the baby out with the bathwater! The place for other technologies in your classroom toolkit.Slides
4.00pm to 4.30pmTaking your learning further... today is just the beginning!Slides

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Other Useful Resources and Links

Integrating iPads into your Classroom Handout

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Video: iPad Basics 101 – Out of the Box Tips for Successful Implementation

Using iPads with Interactive Whiteboards

Inclusion Study

Video Self-Modeling Research

Taking Your Learning Further

Building your Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

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8 Responses to iPad Workshop | Brisbane | 7th March 2013

  1. Terri Walker says:

    Just wanted to congratulate everyone, particularly Greg and Amanda on a great inservice yesterday.

    I really enjoyed the content and presentation. I was a bit overloaded at the end of the day but that means that I have lots to chew over and think about now. Very relevant to my private practice.

    I am hoping to start an ipad playgroup for some of my parents now…… my “What to do from here.”

    Only problem for me was that the air conditioning was a bit too cool!

    Yours truly
    Terri Walker
    Speech Language Pathologist

  2. Barbara Landsberg says:

    Thanks heaps Terri. Your positive feedback means a lot and is very much appreciated!

    Sorry about the air con. We asked them to turn the temp up repeatedly but they weren’t allowed to go over 24 degrees apparently. I think some seats were straight under the blasting air!

    Cheers and thanks again for joining us.

  3. Ann Tucker says:

    Thanks all for a really informative day… just starting to download new useful apps now.. Many, many thanks.

  4. Barbara Landsberg says:

    Thanks heaps Ann! Your feedback is also very much appreciated and has been seen by all on the team now too. :)

  5. toni simpson says:

    I am supporting a non verbal boy in the community
    using an ipad.
    do you have any training coming up that would be helpful to me???

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