eBook Creation with the iPad: Which App?

Download “eBook Creation Apps – Evaluation Rubric”

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Download “ibooktemplate”

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Download “eBook Creation – Which App”

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Download “Everyone Loves Teddies by MegH”

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Download “Sample list of eBook Creation apps “

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Download “A Viking Invasion”

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3 Responses to eBook Creation with the iPad: Which App?

  1. John Clear says:

    unfortunately Calibre,which makes epubs on PCs DOESN’T insert video I think?
    worth investigating an app called USB Disk to get content from an iPad to a computer.
    I see lots of people taking pics of slides at the conference… use PS Express app (free) to crop pictures

  2. Christine Siddle says:

    book creator for iPad app
    creative book builder
    does it have good library management of books?
    can the books be easily distributed?
    iPad – abilipad, typ-O HD
    http://www.cast.org/udl/ (refer to this in relation to udl book principles)
    iBooks author can be downloaded from iTunes
    http://book builder.cast.org/ (udl principles for book design)
    that’s why we use iBooks as it has many udl features
    iBooks content formats
    PDF format
    PowerPoint books and convert to PDF
    symbol supported text
    ePub format: 2 great iPad apps for creating own books
    book creator for iPad : great for picture books
    creative bookbuilder
    go to dotepub.com

  3. Sharyn Sutton says:

    book creator for ipad
    creative book builder
    http://www.cast.org/udl/ – Universal Design for Learning

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