Apps for AAC Series

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Apps for AAC Series will feature the following videos.


Part One – Symbol/Pictures Only Apps

Part Two – Symbol and Text-to-Speech Apps

Part 3 – Text Based Apps


This is the introduction and outline to our series on Apps for AAC, brought to you by the three Speech Pathologists on our Consultancy Team. This 40 minute webinar gives an overview of AAC and some practical tips to help teams both choose, and implement the right AAC App. It also demonstrates the latest iOS accessibility feature of Guided Access.

Apps for AAC – Part One – Symbol/Pictures Only Apps

This webinar focusses on a selection of AAC apps that use symbol/pictures only as well as recorded or synthesis speech. There are a number of applications for theses particular AAC apps that are discussed as well as some features that you might look out for when considering these apps. Session Length 1hr 15mins

Apps for AAC – Part Two – Symbol and Text-to-Speech Apps

This webinar takes you on a tour of some AAC Apps that use symbols as well as Text-to-Speech. You will see a demonstration of a selection of Apps as well as hear some practical ideas to help you make decisions about what AAC App might best suit your needs.Session Length 57mins

Apps for AAC – Part Three – Text Based Apps

This webinar focuses on a selection of AAC apps that use text only. We will explore in detail some of these apps and the features that they offer, such as keyboard layouts, word prediction and conversation history to help you make an informed decision about which apps to consider for the individual you are supporting. Session Length 1hr

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5 Responses to Apps for AAC Series

  1. Jane Bujdegan says:

    Daniel is a 27 y.o. Man who has visual issues, little speech, an iPad, and wants to learn Literacy & Numeracy. Currently has a home tutor for literacy-very basic, but wants more. Also have probs with physical access to iPad.
    Question:Is it possible to get a large interactive touch screen device (25-27 inch) with some of your program’s and apple apps loaded onto/into it to enable Daniel to develop literacy and numeracy skills? Would be interested in your thoughts.
    Thanks Jane (Mum)
    Ps has proloq2go on one iPad, but your program for $450 sounded far more interactive.

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your questions. I have sent you and email to discuss supports for Daniel in more detail. It is certainly possible to load software onto a touchscreen, but not the apps. I look forward to discussing this further with you.
      Charlene Cullen
      Inclusive Technology Consultant
      (Speech Pathologist)

  2. Jane Brooks says:

    My son is going for a new AAC evaluation in July at children’s hospital in Denver Co. He will also receive a IEE at the beginning of next school year. I am hopeful we can get training on his IEP as his technology doesn’t come out of his back pack all day although proloquo2go is to be used to “augment his communication.

  3. We developed an AAC App for iPad because many of the apps were too difficult for the adult stroke patients in our caseloads. We developed CommunicAide AAC/Speech Therapy for the iPad which is simple to use and personalize. It includes live male / female voice overs, real photos, a body chart and Pain Meter. It is organized into categories with a phrase tray and the ability to store the phrases they create. It has been very functional for our adult CVA, PPA, and TBI pts as well as for nonverbal Autistic population.
    More info can be found on our website.
    Thank you
    Betsy Schreiber MMS CCC Speech Language Pathologist
    Gail Weissman MS MA CCc Speech Language Pathologist.

  4. Leisa says:

    Sarah has prolog on her ipad and would like to use a similar app on the surface.

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