About Spectronics Online

What is Spectronics Online?

Spectronics Online is a premium subscription-based service giving you access to videos created by our Consultancy team of Greg O’Connor, Katie Lyon, Cha Cullen and Amanda Hartmann. This one-off fee subscription service will allow schools or individuals access to ALL the resources on the Spectronics website – including all of the videos currently only available for purchase or exclusively viewable by delegates who attended the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2012, and certain Spectronics Workshops.


What subscription options are available?

No options are currently available.


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One Response to About Spectronics Online

  1. Dione Davidson says:

    I am loooking at subscribing as an individual. I am particularly looking at the Video Webinars for Professional Development purposes. I need some sort of certificate or document to say that I have completed these to go towards my Preofessional development requirements as a teacher and for my Grad Dip of Special Ed studies. Is their any way of providing this when I complete a webinar?

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