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Switch Basics - Discontinued

by SoftTouch


Teaches students how to use a switch with intriguing and humorous activities

Switch BasicsDiscover whimsical animations and real life pictures while learning switch operations! Nine different engaging activities give students experiences from cause-and-effect to row- and column-scanning. Fun for all ages!

Plus, students can add animated components to photographs, like making a tiger run a course, nudging characters to step forward for surprising results, or creating six talking fish. Let your students with special needs have some fun while they’re learning.

This SoftTouch Steps to Learning Program gives you control over the learning experience. You select the activities and place them in the desired order, select the number of presses and more. Use the data collection to assess the student’s progress in control of the switch, intentionality and timing. Students have fun as they learn to attend and build switch skills.

Learn different types of switch use

Build step-scanning skills with Cloud Cover and Puzzles. Select how many times the student must press the switch to complete the task.Cloud cover a giraffe
Activities such as Step Forward, Celebrate and Aquarium require the student to press the switch several times in a row to complete a task. This skill is necessary to do step scanning.A mouse stepping forward activity
Build single switch scanning skills at the Beauty and Barber Shop. Select one item at a time in simple scan mode. Select the feature row, then select the colour, shape or style in row-column scan mode.Selecting type of scanning

Student Goals

  • Learn when to press and release switch
  • Learn linear scanning skills
  • Learn row-column scanning skills
  • Learn social turn-taking skills
  • Learn to press switch repeatedly as a precursor to step scanning


  • Eight activities teach a variety of switch skills including cause-and-effect, simple and row-column scanning
  • Variety of music, images and animation keeps the student engaged and motivated
  • Three types of two-switch access for building access skills
  • Collect data to track student performance

Switch Basics OverlaySwitch Basics IntelliKeys Overlay CD

This CD has all of the overlays and images for using the IntelliKeys keyboard with Switch Basics. Just print the templates, overlays and images using Overlay Printer that is included on the CD.

Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows
    • Operating System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 (including 64 bit editions)
    • Processor: 1 GHz or equivalent
    • System Memory: 512 MB
    • Colour Display
    • CD-ROM: Required
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card and speakers
    • IntelliKeys USB Required: Optional
  • Mac
    • Operating System: Mac OS OS 10.4.11 – 10.6.8; Not compatible with 10.7 (Lion) or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor; PowerPC G4 1GHz or faster processor
    • System Memory: 512 MB
    • Colour Display
    • CD-ROM: Required
    • IntelliKeys USB Required: Optional

Switch Basics is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Switch Basics is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Early concepts
  • Switch use
  • Cause-and-effect
  • Switch timing
  • Choosing with a switch

Users can access Switch Basics in the following ways:

  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • IntelliKeys
  • Touchscreen
  • Single Switch
  • Multiple Switches

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