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Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic V2

by EdAlive


Build mental maths power and problem solving strategies... while having fun!

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic V2 box
BESSIE Award Winner
EDDIE Award winnerNPC Seal of Approval

Your plane has just crash-landed on a volcanic island that’s about to blow! Race round the island grabbing fuel canisters and, with some sneaky strategy and some luck, you’ll zoom off in the jet-powered escape pod. Complete activities to earn credits, buy sneaky gadgets and get the fuel, but watch out! Quick Quiz Squares, Prison, and other surprises could see someone else grab the escape pod, while you’re left with the life raft.

Award winner

Master the world of numbers as you race against time and outwit your competitors. Fuel your escape pod and flee the coming volcanic eruption in this exciting single and multiplayer game. Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on each child’s learning needs.

  • Vary the gameplay to your level and interest by choosing one of the five graded game boards
  • Play independently OR with others using the unique multiplayer mode: up to four players of diverse abilities set their own maths level and compete with an equal chance of winning. Let the fun begin!
  • Each player competes at their own maths level, so every player has a real chance of winning. Match 6-year-old Tina’s tables against Peter’s proportion and Dad’s decimals!
  • Elements of chance and strategy mean any player can win, not just the best mathematician
  • Use the 10 types of quirky gadgets to your advantage but watch out for other players. Try to pinch other players’ fuel, stop them from pinching yours, swap positions, triple your dice roll, and more
  • Use strategy, skill and sneaky gadgets to win!

Educational Content

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic uses a carefully crafted progression of activities that begins with basic knowledge and introduces new concepts gradually, extending students at their own pace.

  • Correlated to the maths curriculum of each Australian state and New Zealand
  • Complements Numbers Up! Baggin’ the Dragon, together covering over 90% of the maths curriculum
  • Content covers numeration (including counting and place value), addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions (including decimals and percentage), ratio and proportion
  • Students choose an appropriate starting level and then advance at their own pace through the 8,000 activities across 33 progressive levels as they build solid foundations to promote mental maths power and agility
  • Includes a broad range of interactive activities for all learning styles. Question types include word problems, algorithms, number quizzes, multiple-choice questions, maths patterns and much more!
  • Enhances reasoning skills and develops flexible problem-solving strategies
  • Supports and strengthens learning by employing constant positive feedback
  • Great for both group work and individual learning, in the classroom or at home
  • More than maths. The integration of maths and language appeals to language-oriented learners, stimulating a variety of learning strategies and building greater reading and comprehension skills

Correlations to Australian and New Zealand curricula

Lava-loaded game board. Click to see larger image.
What you can do on the volcano. Click to see larger image.
Buy cool gadgets to help you in your quest. Click to see larger image.
Reward movies. Click to see larger image.
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Features and Benefits

  • All Editions
    • Monitors each child’s progress using smart record keeping for the targeting of individual needs for extension and revision
    • Fine-tuned educational content with large window sizes, and drag-and-drop and snap-to functionality for ease of use
    • Ability level set according to age
    • Game length can be varied by either the number of turns or duration in minutes
    • Games in progress can be saved, enabling students to spread play and learning over multiple sessions
    • Customise user profiles with a huge range of cool user icons
    • Concentrate on areas needing attention with Questions Only mode
    • Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning
    • Save time with Integrated User Lists
      EdAlive’s IUL (Integrated User List) technology streamlines the integration of user data with other EdAlive Version 2 titles, including BRAINtastic, Ultimate Maths Invaders, Baggin’ the Dragon, Words Rock and Typing Tournament – kids’ profiles created in one title will automatically be available in the others (does not work with Version 1 of these titles)
    • Backward compatible and future proof
  • Home Edition
    • Customisable for individual players by setting the ability level and individually enabling or disabling different maths categories
    • Powerful administration and user-management features that can track the results of up to 10 users
    • Display, export and print detailed user statistics
    • Create and allocate different content settings for each user
    • Search for specific questions by number or title
    • Create, save and load custom content selections
  • School Edition
    • Customisable for individual players and entire classes by setting the ability level and individually enabling or disabling different maths categories
    • Powerful administration and user-management features can track the results of one user or thousands*
    • Export or print progress for an entire class
    • Create and allocate different content settings for each user or entire classes
    • Save time by importing multiple users from existing class lists
  • Network Edition – All of the School Edition features PLUS:
    • Store all student records on a central computer using the EdAlive Server application
    • Centralised data can be readily backed up with 3rd party back up software
    • Automatic connectivity with the EdAlive Server
    • Supports thousands of concurrent users in up to 64 classes
    • Installation on multiple computers subject to licence specifications
    • Save time by simultaneously installing or upgrading on multiple networked computers. Use the MSI installers with Group Policy for Windows, or the Package installers with Apple Remote Desktop for Mac.

Teacher Reviews

“What a huge win for our school. We couldn’t be more happy or impressed by Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic and Numbers Up! Baggin’ the Dragon. The children think they are fantastic and fun to play. From a teacher’s perspective the software is great. The games allow multiple players, have fantastic graphics and sound. The fact that the games are syllabus-based is GOLD. Best products on the market by a mile.” – Coley White, Teacher

Parent Reviews

“What is brilliant about Volcanic Panic is that it teaches the language of maths – less than, more than, after, etc. rather than just the number bonds. My 6 year-old is autistic and is very able on the latter, but struggles with the language. He absolutely loves this game and is learning without realising it.” – John Smith, Parent, Buckinghamshire UK

Student Reviews

“Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is a great computer game. I especially liked the little space ship. It is cool … And I liked where we had a shop on the island and all the cool stuff that was in it like the Teleporter and other things. It is a great, exciting and fun game.” – Sophie, aged 11

“I love Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic. It’s great because it’s fun and exciting. It has great questions and all the people (characters) in the game you can pick are great … It’s a great way for kids to do maths. Thanks.” – Frances, aged 10

Videos about Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic V2

Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP SP2, or later     Mac OS 10.4.11, 10.5.6, 10.6 or later
CD-ROM: Required     Universal Intel or PowerPC Processor
      CD-ROM: Required

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Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic V2 is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • Early Primary
  • Mid Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary School

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic V2 is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Numeracy
  • Problem solving

Users can access Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic V2 in the following ways:

  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • Keyboard

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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