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Lightwriter SL35 - Discontinued

by Toby Churchill Ltd


The ultimate text-to-speech tool for face-to-face interactive conversation

Now superseded by the Lightwriter SL40. Lightwriter SL38 are still available at reduced price while stocks last!

Lightwriter SL35

What is a Lightwriter?

A Lightwriter is an easy-to-use portable communication device. The user simply turns it on and types a message on the keyboard, which appears in the dual displays, and can be spoken out loud with DECtalk speech synthesis.

Lightwriters are designed to help individuals with speech impairments, autism, laryngectomies, cerebral palsy, head injury, and persons with progressive conditions (i.e. ALS/MND) communicate. The Lightwriter is small, lightweight, and attractive in any situation.

Click here for a pop-up Flash demonstration (Opens in a new window. If the Flash movie does not work you may need to download and install free Flash player plug-in.)

Standard features of the Lightwriter SL35:

  1. Dual Displays – One facing the ‘user’ and the other facing out to the ‘communication partner’. This feature alone enables face-to-face conversation as the displays are bright and the text large and easy to read, even at a distance. Listeners aren’t required to hunch over the user’s shoulders to see what’s being said.

    Click here to see a pop-up image of the Dual Display feature.

  2. Compactness and Attractive Design – Readily portable and easy to handle
  3. Ease of Use – Most people can turn it on and begin using it with minimal instruction or manual reading
  4. QWERTY LightTouch raised-key keyboard – The specially-designed highly legible, splash proof, LightTouch keyboard requires very low operating force to operate.

    The adjustable keyboard surround can be raised to give a low-rise support for people who may have slightly inaccurate key selection. An optional Deep Keyguard is available.

    Click here to see pop-up images of the adjustable keyboard surround feature.

  5. DECtalk speech synthesis for English – American-English male, female – and child voices included. Speech exceptions ability is built-in for making special words sound right. Any word typed will be spoken aloud to give a natural form of communication, and allows conversation over the telephone.

    Listen to samples of DECtalk Text-to-Speech voices (WAV):

    Acapela HQ natural voice speech synthesis is available on models SL38, and SL85. Other European languages and speech synthesisers are available as options.

  6. Memory – Store memories so that frequently used words or phrases can be retrieved quickly
    • 36 memories of up to 250 characters each: one memory for each of the letter and number keys
    • Abbreviation Expansion – Frequently-used words or phrases can be stored and retrieved as a 2 or 3 key code, e.g. DC = “I’d like a drink of coffee, please.”
    • Speedwriting – Add your own speedwriting abbreviations (SPDWRTG ABBREVS)
    • Facility to browse through the memories to see what is stored
    • Sequences: use 2 keys to play complicated key sequences, such as: “Print eight memories, with gaps between, the first one bold and the last one italic”

  7. Text Prompting/Word Prediction – Set up word prompting after selection of 1, 2, or 3 characters (or none). Stored vocabulary can be scrolled for visual selection.
    Examples of prompting after typing one character:
    • If T is selected, the display will show The, if H is then selected, the display will change to THat, etc.
    • Or, if T is selected, the display will show The. Then scroll to choose from the stored vocabulary list.

  8. Context Sensitive HELP – Online context sensitive help (an abbreviated handbook onscreen) is available with setups, etc.

Other features include:

  • Built in buzzers – to summon attention
  • Expansion ports – connect to printers, plug in alternative PC keyboards, and connect to computers to back-up or edit memories and to save settings
  • Tremor control – adjustable tremor control to suppress inadvertent key presses
  • Adjustable speed of replay of messages and memories
  • 8-function calculator built in
  • Speech Exceptions
  • Two call signals with buzzer button
  • Adjustable Auto-off

You might also want to check out our Lightwriter Comparison to see how this device compares with others in the Lightwriter range.

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Lightwriter SL35 Options

Custom factory-built models with the following options are available to suit everyone’s different needs. Some of the options are:Alternative VFD Display

  • Alternative VFD Display – If the standard LCDs do not suit, one or both displays can be substituted with vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD) to help users with low vision. The text and display width on the VFD is smaller but the characters are brighter than those on the LCD.
  • ABCDE Keyboard Layout – If the user is not familiar with the QWERTY layout, the keys can be arranged in ABCDE layout. The unit can be supplied in this layout (at an extra cost) or the keys and software can be changed in the field.
  • Switch Scan Module – The Lightwriter can adapt to scanning with one or two switches for users with progressive conditions who become unable to continue using a keyboard.

    Click here to see a pop-up image of the Plug-In Scan Module.

    Click here for a pop-up Flash demonstration of the scanning Lightwriter.

Click here for Lightwriter accessories.

What’s included with the Lightwriter SL35?

  • instruction manual

  • charger
  • green spacers for the built-in keyguard and screwdriver
  • neck strap
  • warranty registration card

Lightwriter SL35 Standard Specifications

Overall Size22.9 × 13.3 × 5.1 cm
Weight0.88 kg
KeyboardLightTouch Keyboard; light force (56 grams) with tactile feedback; spaced for typing, splash-proof, but not water-proof
Optional: raincoats
Keyboard LayoutsStandard QWERTY
Optional ABCDE: easier for some people, for example, those who have never had keyboard experience and are never likely to
Keyboard AdjustmentsKey Click: Adjustable loudness of the audible feedback
Tremor: Adjustable delayed entry
KeyguardsKey surround may be raised to avoid pressing multiple keys (green spacers and screwdriver supplied with new unit)
Optional Deep Keyguard
Displays2 Displays: 1 facing user, 1 facing away, each 19 characters wide
Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD): 6 mm high characters
Liquid Crystal Display: 1 cm high characters, back-lighted
Display TextUPPER-case only or UPPER/lower-case
SpeechStandard DECtalk English, high quality American-English with eight adult voices (4-male and 4-female) and one child’s voice
Optional: external synthesisers may be added/used with or without an internal speech capability, without speech
National CharactersTwo keys can be set to international characters; most accented characters are accessible
Optional languages other than English are available
Switch AccessStandard Morse Code
Optional Switch and scanning access with the Scan Module
PowerRechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery
Battery Duration7-8 hours of continuous operation after an overnight charge for standard SL35 with dual LCD displays; 4-5 hours continuous operation after an overnight charge for units with dual VFD displays
Total Memory14000 characters
Expansion PortsTwo expansion ports for attaching Lightwriter accessories
MountingA threaded opening is provided for attaching items such as a wrist strap or security cable. Mounting systems are available.

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Lightwriter SL35 is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Lightwriter SL35 is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:

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