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Latitude Customisable Mounting System

by AbleNet


An ideal balance of strength, durability, and flexibility in a mounting system for your inclusive device

New! Plates and cradles for mounting iDevices now available

Latitude Arms with, left-to-right: Small Rectangular, Large Rectangular and Large Triangular Plates

The Latitude™ ARM makes it easy to handle just about any mounting challenge. From a standardised base interface, to quick-release levers, to a universal plate connector, the Latitude ARM gives you all the options of a mounting system that costs much more.

Key Features

  • Plate Connector – Allows for quick change of products
  • 3D Joints – All joints allow 360° of rotation on any axis (any direction) unique design provides superior clamping strength joints can be moved to any position along a tube
  • Standardised Base Interface – Allows for quick transfers between different base types and locations (ex. Wheelchair to Bed Rail)
  • Quick Release Handles (Levers)
    • Allows for easy positioning or adjustment without tools
    • Pull and rotate handle to desired position after adjustment
  • Each Latitude Arm Mounting Kit includes the Latitude Mounting Arm, Super Clamp and the mounting plate of your choice

View Latitude Customisable Mounting Arm Image Gallery with various device mounting plates and connections.

The Latitude Customisable Mounting System features a range of mounting plates and connectors to suit your intended product:

A range of Mounting Plates and Connectors to fit your device to the Latitude Customisable Mounting System

The Latitude Customisable Mounting System can also be ordered with TASH-type mounting connectors for mounting TASH devices, such as:

To see how the Latitude Customisable Mounting System compares with other mounting systems, view Comparison of AbleNet Quick-Ready Mounting Systems.

Product Specifications

Latitude Specifications
Mounted Products Max Weight (kg/lb) 3.2 / 7
Mounting Surface(s) Table edge (5cm max), tubing
Articulation (positional range) High
Positional Rigidity (strength) High
Range/Reach (cm/in) 51 / 20
Tools Required No
Maintenance/Period Adjustment No
Base Connection Method Super Clamp
Weight (kg/lb) 1 / 2.2
Cord Management Yes
Plate (x) Choose a plate from above

Videos about Latitude Customisable Mounting System

ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

Latitude Customisable Mounting System is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Mounting switches and devices

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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  Code Media Platform $AUD
Does not include Switch Mounting Plate or a Device Connection.
AB100-43000 $459.00 $0.00
Includes one Universal Mounting Plate
AB70000086 $559.00 $0.00
Includes one Mini Cup / Trigger Switch Connection
AB700-4004007 $559.00 $0.00
Includes one Micro Light Switch Connection
AB700-4004008 $559.00 $0.00
Includes one Pneumatic Switch Clamp Connection
AB700-4004010 $559.00 $0.00
AB700-4004011 $559.00 $0.00
AB700-4004012 $559.00 $0.00
Includes Cradle and Cradle mounting plate
AB70000012 $589.00 $0.00
Includes Cradle and Cradle mounting plate
AB70000070 $519.00 $0.00
AB70000014 $559.00 $0.00
AB70000016 $559.00 $0.00
AB70000040 $559.00 $0.00

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