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Boardmaker Australian/New Zealand Version 6 for Windows

by Mayer-Johnson, LLC


Create unlimited communication and educational materials using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) with Boardmaker!

Australian symbolsBoardmaker version 6Boardmaker is a communication and learning tool containing over 4,500 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS). It is designed to enhance the language and learning process for students of all levels. The program allows you to:

  • Make a professional looking communication display in minutes
  • Quickly find and paste PCS symbols into your display or desktop publishing program
  • Make the pictures any size and with any spacing
  • Print and/or save your display on disk for later use
  • Print displays in black and white or colour (if you have a colour printer)
  • Combine elements from PCS to create your own custom symbols
  • Import digital photos and other graphics and create custom-drawn images
  • Store, name, retrieve, resize, format and paste any image or graphical object

Quick Check of Features of Boardmaker and Boardmaker Plus! At-a-Glance

Boardmaker is the ideal tool to for creating symbol-based materials such as communication displays for AAC users, worksheets and flash cards for English language learners, visual schedules and social skills stories for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, books and symbol-supported literacy activities for beginning and pre-readers, song and story boards for preschoolers, and general educational and functional living skills materials for special education students. And that’s just the beginning! Add more symbols to the core library, or add digital images or other graphics, and the communication possibilities never end!

Boardmaker Includes

  • Now with over 4,500 Picture Communication Symbols (the Australian PCS symbols and vocabulary in the Windows version) in both colour and black-and-white.
  • Symbols from the 1998 Addendum Library now integrated into the core set
  • Symbols with transparent background, enabling you to seamlessly layer them to create free-form materials (e.g. in stories, language activities, games and more)
  • A drawing program
  • More than 100 sample boards and more than 350 templates
  • Option to install a library of sexuality symbols
  • Option to install country-specific symbols such as holidays, famous people, food and currency
  • A Boardmaker User Manual
  • Printable alphabetical index of core Boardmaker symbols (.PDF format) which lists the names of all of the available core symbols
  • The Windows version also contains a printed tutorial to introduce users to the main features of Boardmaker in a guided way.

Boardmaker is so easy to use!

Boardmaker is so easy to use in 3 steps...

  1. Just open a template or create your own board
  2. Choose symbols and languages
  3. Print and use!

From November 2006 in Australia and New Zealand, Boardmaker for Windows has been upgraded to Version 6.

Reasons to Upgrade to Boardmaker for Windows Version 6

Symbolate button tool

  • Symbolate Tool – Just type and symbols appear in the new Symbolate button feature! Quickly and easily add symbol support to sentences, stories and other text using a Symbolate button. Just choose the Symbolate Tool, click, and start typing-or copy and paste in a block of text. Symbols will automatically appear! View Symbolate screenshots
  • Movable Buttons – Define the buttons and destinations and you’re on your way to an amazing interactive board. View Movable Buttons screenshot
  • Swap and Shuffle Buttons – Allow for quick swapping of content, appearance and actions between two or more buttons. View Swap and Shuffle screenshot
  • Align and Centre Buttons – A powerful time saver
  • Freeform Tool – Lets you draw freeform buttons of any shape you like. No longer limited to square buttons or hotspots! View a Freeform button
  • Drag and Drop – You can now drag in images from your Internet browser or other programs. Now also supporting formats such as .png (Portable Network Graphics), .avi (Audio Video Interleave), and .mpg (MPEG video)
  • Quickly Resize Multiple Buttons
  • Easier Board Sharing – Package up your boards to take with you or share with others
  • Dashed Button Borders – Change button colours, borders and thickness
  • Export boards to Boardmaker version 5.3, and export groups of boards in board packages
  • Now with PCS supported by 44 languages.

    • Each symbol is supported by 44 languages, can be searched in all languages, and placed in a board or activity with any of the languages
    • Symbols may be placed with:
      • no text above the symbol
      • one or any two languages above the symbol
    • Additional text in any language may be added to the symbol by the user
    Note: In order for the many languages to work, the computer needs to be set up with the correct regional settings and has the appropriate fonts for those languages.

Click here to see a quick overview of the top new features in the Boardmaker Version 6 family (Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus and Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro) in PDF format.


  • Your machine is old and can’t run Windows 2000 or higher
  • You’re happy with your current version
  • Your computer doesn’t have 512 MB of memory or higher

There are two different ways to buy Boardmaker from Spectronics!

1. Boardmaker: Australian/New Zealand Version 6 for Windows with Addendums (2000-2008, 2012) Bundle which includes:

2. Boardmaker: Australian/New Zealand Version 6 for Windows which includes:

  • Boardmaker Version 6 for Windows
  • (This Standard Boardmaker still includes over 4500 symbols)

View Boardmaker Family Product Features Comparison to see the features of Boardmaker Studio, Boardmaker Plus! and Boardmaker.

Confused about which symbol software program would best meet your needs? Click here to view our Symbol Software Comparison Chart comparing the features of Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols 2000, Communicate:In Print 2 ANZ and Communicate: SymWriter ANZ.

Click here to download a pdf booklet showing you all of the additional symbols supplied in the 2000/2002/2004/2006 Addendum Bundles (3.0 MB .pdf) and the 2008 Addendum Picture Index (580 KB), and the 2012 Addendum Picture Index (1.5 MB).

System Requirements for WindowsexpandClick to collapse

  • Windows 8 (not Windows RT or Tablet edition), 7, Vista, XP, 2000 – Compatible with Windows 64-bit Editions
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 350 MB free hard disk space
  • 800×600 display with 16-bit video card (1024×768 recommended)
  • CD in CD-ROM drive

View/DownloadexpandClick to collapse

Online Training and WebinarsexpandClick to collapse

Boardmaker Australian/New Zealand Version 6 for Windows is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Boardmaker Australian/New Zealand Version 6 for Windows is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Early concepts
  • Literacy
  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Resource preparation

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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Includes over 11500 PCS Symbols - over 4500 standard PCS symbols plus extra symbols from the 2000 - 2008 and 2012 Addendum Libraries
MJSPEC-06-V6D CD-ROM Win $709.00 $0.00
Includes only the 4500 standard PCS symbols
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