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Transitional Fonts for Emerging Writers

by Mayer-Johnson, LLC


Create your own writing worksheets! Great for inclusion!

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Image of Transitional Fonts for Emerging WritingThis set of twelve fonts by Kim Voss makes it fast and easy to create traceable spelling, reading and handwriting activities using Boardmaker or your favourite word processing program. They also help students transition from block printing to a cursive style.

Based on the success of School Fonts for Beginning Writing, these fonts are designed in the Modern Manuscript style with a slight slant and curved tails. Many students find this style helpful because pencil lifts are kept to a minimum. Nearly all lowercase letters are made with a single continuous stroke, helping to eliminate common reversals such as “b” and “d”. Modern Manuscript can also serve as a bridge to learning cursive handwriting.

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly print guides for tracing
    The dashed fonts are designed to be used as a guide for tracing and can be used with any standard word processing software. They are mapped to standard keyboard keys, so you can simply select the font, type as normal and print your customised activity. No more laborious hours creating tracing guides by hand!
    • Write stories incorporating ideas from a student, then they can have the pleasure of “writing” the story they helped create by tracing over the words. Be sure to leave room for pictures! Over time, prompts can be faded to work toward the goal of reading, spelling and writing independently.
    • Print labels of a student’s name to affix to the top of school papers.
    • Create traceable spelling sheets, handwriting activities and simple math problems.
    • Make a sheet with the home address and telephone number of the student for practising this important and functional activity.

  • Mix and match styles
    Several different styles allow you to use lines or stroke indicators according to students’ needs. The styles are designed to work smoothly together so you can mix and match within a word. For example:
    • Print a word without stroke hints except for a specific letter that has presented consistent problems
    • Mix in solid-line fonts for letters that have already been mastered
    • Use the dashed font only for specific words that are the focus of an activity, such as the nouns in a story or the rhyming words in a poem

  • Break letters into simple parts
    One of the fonts includes simple strokes instead of full letters. These strokes allow students to practise the elements of a letter and then bring them together. Breaking the task into parts can help avoid frustration with difficult letters, or serve as a diagnostic tool to determine which component poses a hurdle.

  • Multiple formats
    All 12 fonts are provided in both PostScript and TrueType formats to be compatible with Macintosh and Windows.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows
    • Operating System: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP (not Vista compatible at this time)
  • Mac
    • Operating System: OS 8.6, 9.x, 10.1 or higher

Transitional Fonts for Emerging Writers is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • Mid Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary School

Transitional Fonts for Emerging Writers is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Early concepts
  • Literacy

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