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Spectronics no longer supplies the technologies from Tobii including the MyTobii Software Packages. These are now available for purchase across Australia and New Zealand from Link-AT. For more details, please contact Bas Tijdhof, Managing Director of Link-AT in Adelaide on bas@linkassistive.com. Of course, all customers who have previously purchased Tobii technologies from Spectronics will, as always, be supported for the life of the product. We are here to support you on should you need assistance.

Powerful, Easy, Direct Control

The patented eye control techniques used by MyTobii allow the user to interact directly with the objects in native MyTobii software and all third party applications which are MyTobii enabled. This allows the user to avoid the distraction and stress involved in controlling the mouse inside programs that were never designed to be eye controlled. This new approach dramatically increases speed and decreases stress on users allowing them to be much more efficient for longer periods of time.

  • Interact directly with objects
  • No distracting mouse pointer
  • Uses dwell time, blink or external button for selection
  • Helpful and natural feedback for eye-controlled objects

Dedicated MyTobii-designed Software Applications

With the power of applications specifically designed by MyTobii to be eye controlled, a user can become truly productive.

  • Document editing
  • Document browser
  • E-mailing function
  • Chat program
  • Web browser
  • Games

With access to email and document editing in an eye control environment, the possibilities are endless. Along with the option to use all the industry-leading software packages using the full Direct Control technique, this means that you can truly use MyTobii at its full capacity. With MyTobii, it also is possible to control the mouse pointer with the eyes to access any Windows application, although this will always be more cumbersome than using the MyTobii Direct Control.

If you have the basic MyTobii P10 package you can purchase these Tobii software options as add-ons.

  • MyTobii Standard – This software package includes the MyTobii Desktop but adds extra functionality by giving the end user MyTobii Mouse Control, an eye controlled writing program and a document browser, specially adapted to enable the user to browse and find documents using their eyes. Also includes MyTobii Entertainment package and MyTobii Document package.
  • MyTobii Document Package – This includes a writing program and document browser, specially adapted to enable the user to write documents, browse and find documents using their eyes.
  • MyTobii Communication Package – Gives the end user even more options, with a specially adapted Web browser, Chat program and Emailing program. All these programs are optimised for eye-control.
  • MyTobii Entertainment Package – Includes MyTobii Mediaplayer for music and videos that is optimised for eye-control.
  • MyTobii Windows Mouse Control – This program allows the user to control the mouse on the Windows desktop and in Windows programs with their eyes.

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