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Multi-purpose access software for use with the IntelliSwitch, IntelliKeys or Tracker Pro

This product is no longer available from Spectronics.

DiscoverPro logoDiscoverPro screenshotDiscoverPro is the software package that, working together with IntelliSwitch or IntelliKeys USB, provides alternate Scan, Touch, or Point access to the computer for people with disabilities.

DiscoverPro gives you scanning, alternate keyboard and onscreen keyboard access depending on the hardware that you choose to use with it. DiscoverPro is a multi-purpose software package that lets professionals try out different computer access hardware to assess users’ particular needs.

TemplateMaker 2 (included) allows for the editing and creation of new Setups. Auditory cueing and feedback (either Text-to-Speech or pre-digitised) is included with DiscoverPro.

DiscoverPro is the flexible, robust computer access solution that features:

  • Choice of input method
    Choose scanning, alternate keyboard or onscreen keyboard; do AAC and computer access evaluations to determine users’ equipment needs; use one computer for many users with physical disabilities.
  • TemplateMaker 2
    Software that is included with DiscoverPro that lets you create custom setups. You can also edit existing setups and resize individual keys.
  • Integrated Speech software
    Provides auditory cues and feedback to aid in correct key selections; allows for auditory scanning; lets user communicate as they work.
  • Setups
    Many setups are included that allow users to access many software programs and work at their own cognitive level. Setups can be as simple or as complex as a user needs. Once they have been adjusted for the user, then the user will only see what they need.
  • Editing
    Individual setups or individual buttons can easily be edited within DiscoverPro. DiscoverPro Setups can be as simple or as complex as needed.
  • Customisation
    Setups can be customised to individual users. You can use a simple cause and effect button or you can use a more complex program such as Microsoft Office with DiscoverPro.
  • Preferences or Flexible scanning controls
    Select the scanning speed, mouse speed, type of scanning (regular, step or inverse) and other settings to match user’s access needs.

DiscoverPro and IntelliSwitch is the new solution that replaces the Discover:Switch and Discover:Kenx.

DiscoverPro and IntelliKeys USB is the new solution that replaces the Discover:Board.

Note: Discover Envoy is the Mac OS X equivalent of DiscoverPro.

Which Access Method do you want to use?

  • SCAN
    If you want to “Scan” then you must use DiscoverPro with IntelliSwitch. Discover Pro software has been designed to provide switch access to mainstream applications which do not have scanning functionality built-in. Simply use the built-in switches or plug an appropriate ability switch into IntelliSwitch. Once a switch is pressed, customisable, onscreen set-ups will appear and begin to automatically scan, providing full control of all keyboard and mouse functions. DiscoverPro software will provide the user with the ability to directly launch and interact with most applications on the computer. DiscoverPro software comes with an assortment of onscreen keyboards which you can use “as is” or that you can modify or edit for individual use. Alternatively, you can make your own onscreen keyboards from scratch using TemplateMaker 2 which comes with DiscoverPro. Read more on using DiscoverPro with switches.
  • TOUCH (Alternative Keyboard with IntelliKeys)
    If you want to use “Touch” functions, then you can use DiscoverPro with IntelliKeys USB. These two products provide an alternate keyboard for users with limited motor control and those who may use a fist to type. All mouse and keyboard functions can be controlled as well as the ability to launch applications by pressing a single button. You can use the overlays that are provided or make your own with the included TemplateMaker 2.
  • POINT (Onscreen Keyboards)
    If you want to use the “Point” functions, then you can choose the onscreen keyboard option (Discover OnScreen) together with Tracker Pro. This product would be appropriate for alternative mouse users or for users with Quadriplegia, MS, Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) as well as some Cerebral Palsy users. Either the dwell function (resting on key until it selects) or the click function can be used to activate a key. Several keyboards are included or you can use TemplateMaker 2 to make custom keyboards. Read more on using DiscoverPro with Tracker Pro.

Disabilities Addressed

When used with IntelliSwitch, IntelliKeys USB or with Tracker Pro, DiscoverPro software enables individuals with motor impairments to perform all keyboard and mouse functions by simply pressing a switch.

Enabling Switch Accessibility for the Switch-Scanning Users

Imagine controlling all of Windows with no more than a single switch: with DiscoverPro, it’s possible! Connect any switch to the computer using IntelliSwitch, and DiscoverPro software will take it from there. Customisable onscreen Setups appear and begin automatically scanning to provide full control of all keyboard and mouse functions. One, two, and three-switch Setups are available.

With DiscoverPro software switch-scanning users can have access to mainstream Windows-based applications which do not have scanning functionality built-in. Popular computer programs such as Microsoft Explorer (Internet), Microsoft Outlook (email), Microsoft Word (word processing) and Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) become switch-accessible to switch-scanning users with DiscoverPro software. In addition, DiscoverPro software will provide the user with the ability to directly launch and interact with ANY application on their computer.

You can select the scanning speed, mouse speed, type of scanning (regular, step or inverse) and other settings to match the user’s access needs.DiscoverPro with IntelliSwitch

Using DiscoverPro with IntelliSwitch

IntelliSwitch and DiscoverPro software are the tools which enable a switch user to completely and independently control their computer. These two products replace the standard keyboard and mouse for switch-scanning users. A switch-scanning user is someone who has the ability to consistently control the use of one or more anatomical sites for accessing a single switch, or multiple switches. Switch-scanning access uses one or more switches to select from an electronic set of symbols, graphic images and/or alphanumeric characters.

One of the key features of the IntelliSwitch is that it is a wireless switch interface which can be used to access many different scanning-based programs. Scanning-based programs have built-in support for individuals using a switch to access the software. For example, you can use IntelliSwitch to access software which has built-in support for switch users. Applications such as IntelliTools Classroom Suite, and Speaking Dynamically Pro (Mayer-Johnson) are just some of the software titles that already have scanning built-in and can be accessed by IntelliSwitch.

Once the IntelliSwitch and DiscoverPro have been installed on the computer, the user will be able to come and go as they please without waiting for someone to help them get started. Simply use the built-in switch or plug an appropriate switch into IntelliSwitch and once the user depresses their switch, they will notice that customisable, onscreen set-ups will appear and begin to automatically scan, providing full control of all keyboard and mouse functions.

For more details on the wireless IntelliSwitch switch interface, click here.

Onscreen Keyboards

DiscoverPro software comes with a collection of onscreen keyboards (30). You may use a keyboard “as is”, or you may choose to modify an existing keyboard layout by editing individual keys within the keyboard. If you would rather create a new keyboard from scratch, you will be able to do so by using a product called TemplateMaker 2 (included within DiscoverPro). Customisable onscreen set-ups will allow users full control of their keyboard and mouse functions.

Click here to view sample keyboards included with DiscoverPro.

Integrated Speech

Speech is another important feature which is included with DiscoverPro software.

  • Speech cueing prompts the user before their next choice in the scanning sequence
  • Speech feedback occurs after the switch has been depressed and a choice has been made

Both features may be turned on or off, depending upon the needs of the user. In addition, the following languages are currently supported in DiscoverPro: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Using DiscoverPro with Tracker Pro

DiscoverPro includes a point-and-click onscreen keyboard to be used with Tracker Pro. The onscreen point-and-click keyboard in DiscoverPro also has built-in dwell selection (just like ScreenDoors 2000). This type of dwell selection is only built into the keyboard and does not allow the user to click, double-click and/or drag files on the computer desktop itself. To be able to navigate the computer desktop, open, modify and close files, you will also need MagicCursor 2000.

DiscoverPro Hardware Compatibility

DiscoverPro for Windows 2000, XP and Vista is an all-in-one software package that provides universal access to the computer for people with motor disabilities, no matter what method of access they may choose: scanning, touching, or pointing. Simply install the software and choose the appropriate hardware according to the user’s abilities.

Access Method
Input Device
TouchIntelliKeys USB
PointTracker Pro

Note: The DiscoverPro software will not work with the older Discover hardware.

Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

  • Windows
    • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista (not compatible with Windows 7 or 8 at this time)
      Mac OS X users: Discover Envoy is the equivalent for Macs
    • System memory: 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
    • Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
    • Processor: Pentium III 700 MHz or equivalent
    • CD-ROM: for installation
    • Sound Card: SoundBlaster or Windows compatible
    • Internet Explorer v6 (needed for .NET Framework)
    • .NET Framework 2.0 (free download)
  • IntelliSwitch, IntelliKeys USB or Tracker Pro

Note: DiscoverPro does not work with the Crick USB Switch Interface at this time. If you need switch accessibility use the IntelliSwitch or the IntelliKeys USB.

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DiscoverPro is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

DiscoverPro is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Switch use
  • Access to computers

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:

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