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A simple and easy-to-use tool designed for struggling writers to help write independently and with confidence!

WordQ 3 boxWordQ toolbar reading aloud the word 'software'

“Every teacher and student that I’ve shown this software, loved it! They use it to help them with writing; they also use it with other programs or doing emails.” – Learning Disabilities Facilitator

“When I hear each word as I type, I know whether it makes sense. Now if my mother is busy, I can write on my own.” – Student

“Your program is WONDERFUL! My daughter did 3 reports ON HER OWN!” – Parent

“I am passionate about WordQ – If you could see the difference it makes, especially to boys’ writing you would be too!” – Special Education Resource Teacher

“You want simple, simple – that’s all you want. My child doesn’t want all the other stuff. WordQ does what it says.” – Parent

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WordQ is a simple but brilliant writing solution that improves with you, regardless of your age or writing ability.

See your choices
WordQ makes smart word suggestions with every letter you type. See and hear examples for similar sounding words or select from words with the same meaning.

Hear what you write
A high quality voice speaks everything you type so you can hear any spelling or grammar issues that you may not see. Listen to proofread your work.

Read by listening
Have your favourite website read to you. Hear instant-messages, Facebook or Twitter. Wherever you can highlight text, WordQ will read it back to you.

What is WordQ

Benefits and Features

  • Available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and German
  • All high quality voices can now be downloaded online
  • Now available on a DVD instead of a CD or as a download
  • New Unlimited School-wide licensing that includes student at home privilege
  • Volume licences now include student at home privilege
  • Synonyms are available from the prediction box, to help find the right words
  • Programmable abbreviations: e.g. program the word “myemail” to expand into “myname@mydomain.com”. Or ‘myaddress’, ‘myschool’ etc
  • Streamlined and improved installation process
  • “Check for Update” added for easy updating: options/help
  • “Open at Login”, auto-launch WordQ when getting started: options/preferences
  • Free updates to version 2 have been provided for the past 4 years. When you purchase or upgrade to version 3 you will receive all version 3 updates for free.

  • Learns which words you like and predicts them faster
  • Predicts words even if they are spelled creatively or missing parts
  • Offers a list of words with similar meaning to add variety to your writing
  • Uses clear and pleasant spoken feedback
  • Gives examples for words that sound similar by using them in a sentence
  • Reads aloud any text you can highlight, including websites, emails and instant-messaging
  • Reads exactly what you write, so poor grammar sounds off and bad punctuation disrupts the rhythm
  • Helps only as much as you need with functions that easily turn on or off
  • Lets you modify word prediction to use specific vocabulary or topics
  • Works with all commonly-used programs
  • Now includes English, French, Spanish and German

WordQ predicting words for beginning writers to experienced writers

WordQ includes:

  • Natural sounding text-to-speech
  • In-context prediction for corrections
  • Usage examples for confusing words
  • Predictions based on creative spelling
  • Synonyms are available from the prediction box, to help find the right words
  • Programmable abbreviations: e.g. program the word “myemail” to expand into “myname@mydomain.com”. Or ‘myaddress’, ‘myschool’ etc.

What WordQ doesexpandClick to collapse

WordQ is designed for those who struggle with writing and for those who just want to get their ideas on the page.

There are no fancy gimmicks, just simple-yet-deep functions that you’ll forget are there most of the time because they work so well.

WordQ  for Mac suggesting the appropriate word

Removing obstacles

Struggling writers can face many obstacles. These can include typing, spelling and punctuation. Confusion about words that sound the same such as “their and there” adds complexity to existing spelling issues. There is often the challenge of having enough confidence, focus or stamina to complete assignments.

WordQ is designed to assist you in overcoming these obstacles. You can focus on exploring your ideas while the software helps you build well-structured sentences to create flow through your work. At the same time, it gives you the tools to become a more successful writer.

You’ll no longer be limited to the basic words that you can spell, because WordQ will help you write the more advanced words you know but need help with. As editing and proofreading become a natural part of your writing process, you will find that you start to think about your writing differently. You’ll likely notice that you start to build your writing in your mind and anticipate correct spelling as you think of words.

Many users have reported an improvement in the areas of writing, reading, comprehension and pronunciation. This is likely because WordQ builds on skills you already have, such as thinking, speaking and listening. It is relevant to what you are doing and only available when you need it.

Enabling performance

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. When your listening and speaking is considerably stronger than your reading and writing, you can feel frustrated when you struggle to communicate. Writing demands can feel overwhelming in school, at work and in life.

Once the obstacles are removed, many users of WordQ find that their writing starts to improve and doors start to open. Goals that they long thought impossible suddenly seem attainable.

By allowing you to use your strongest skills, WordQ enables you to write and read better, with little or no outside help required. By having the tools you need right there on the screen, even the youngest or more timid user can take control and ownership of their writing.

Reducing anxiety

Writing can be difficult enough without the different types of anxiety that may accompany the process. Anxiety from trying to type the words you know but can’t spell. Anxiety while you struggle to edit, proofread and complete your work. Social anxiety when posting comments on Facebook, instant-messaging or Twitter etc. Not to mention the anxiety that comes from criticism or ridicule when people comment on your writing.

WordQ helps you succeed with each word selection and sentence completion. Your writing skills will grow as you continue to use the software, learning new words and ways to express your thoughts. It builds you up every time you sit down to use it, helping you to gain the confidence to write your own report, go after a promotion, or develop yourself through further education.

With fewer anxieties, the next time someone asks you to write under pressure, you’ll know you can do it.

Increasing motivation

It’s a common story: You understand the material completely, you put in hours of hard work, but your writing does not seem to convey your thoughts and ideas. In fact, it gets totally misinterpreted – even criticised – by others. You are left feeling cheated, believing that your efforts have gone unnoticed.

The way to break the cycle and get back on track is to use WordQ to help make writing easier. When it’s easier there are fewer distractions. Fewer distractions means you can completely focus on expressing yourself the way you want. Instead of wasting time and energy feeling anxious about the quality of your work, you can edit and proofread more efficiently and finish sooner.

Knowing your work is free of errors and having people recognise your ideas is highly motivating. Your confidence will soar and you will be more motivated to tackle your next task.

Promoting independence

Everyone wants to write and be understood. It’s understandable that you don’t want others focusing on your mistakes; especially mistakes you didn’t even know were there in the first place. Other people are willing to help, but when they do it sometimes makes you wonder if you can really take all the credit for the final result.

People will read your work for the ideas that are there, not to find mistakes. Many students say that when using WordQ, they are treated like someone who thinks, knows, has ideas and deserves respect. In fact, many parents report that their houses are much calmer and quieter as a result.

WordQ was designed with only the most essential functions to enable just about anyone to write, edit and proofread with ease. The interface displays a handful of powerful buttons that can be accessed through hotkeys or the mouse.

Simple and effective

You want to write. The last thing you need is distractions. The functions included with WordQ are specifically designed to be simple and practically invisible so you can focus on writing and speaking what’s on your mind. The nice thing is that you just need to know how to click a mouse and tap the keys on a keyboard to use the simple and effective functions:

By turning the Words button on or off, you can have constant editing help while you write. It helps with spelling and word variety and offers assistance with every letter you type. Or, if you prefer, you can just turn it on when you are stuck on a word.

The Speech button lets you hear the words as you type them and also hear the sentences you complete. You can listen to each of the options in the word box as well as examples for words with similar meaning. Because the read-back is clear and uses proper rhythm, most mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation are more noticeable.

Select some text and hit the Read button to hear it read aloud. This works anywhere there is text that you can highlight, such as web pages, emails, and instant-messaging programs like Facebook, Twitter and MSN.

Unleash your potential

Thoughts and ideas are always swirling around in your mind. But in order to write those ideas, you need to shape them into words and sentences before you can put them on the page.

Many writers who use WordQ experience an increase in the quality of their work while using the words and sentences they want, instead of merely using the words they can spell. As a result, they find an improved sense of pride and ownership in their work.

WordQ is primarily a writing tool, but it can also assist with reading. Anywhere that text can be selected, you can hear it read aloud. This applies to popular programs like Facebook and Twitter, your emails or any of your favourite websites. It’s also ideal for work and school-related tasks where reading and writing is required. By making sense of the words in front of you, listening, reading and writing skills are being developed at the same time.

A great way to get started with WordQ is to jump right in and play with it. Hit any letter on the keyboard and suddenly you are presented with word choices. Build a free-form sentence by choosing the first word on the list that interests you.

Next, write a sentence about something specific. Then write that same sentence again using different words from the word box. See how many different ways you can think of to say the same thing.

Now write about something in the room. Look around you and pick anything. Describe the colour, shape or purpose. Describe if you like it or not, and why or why not. Once you finish, highlight it and click on the ‘Read’ button to hear it read back and to proofread it.

You are now writing in your own style and it can only get better from here.

No silver bullet

Some people just want to overcome the challenges and difficulties of writing, overnight. They search for a silver bullet, or magic word, to make all the writing problems go away.

The reality is that improvement requires commitment and the right tools, along with some effort. The reward is a sense of accomplishment, independence and a feeling of ownership of the new skills acquired.

Using WordQ while writing will emphasise the importance of word placement and overall sentence structure. Hearing your sentences read back sharpens your listening skills and encourages you to edit your writing to make sure what you hear is what you want to say.

Even the process of discounting words that are suggested improves your writing. Accepting or rejecting words on the list makes you focus and solidify your ideas as you write. This helps to foster a mind-set in which you think before you write or even think before you speak.

When approaching writing tasks, WordQ will prompt you to make choices and decisions every step of the way. Sometimes, the predicted words provide you with options you hadn’t considered and will enable you to think outside of your writing comfort zone.

You will find yourself writing more, editing more effectively and improving your word variety and vocabulary. With time and practice, you will see your writing skills improve dramatically.

Users that benefit from WordQ include students from primary school to college, CEOs of major corporations, journalists and many more. How they use it is completely personal to their needs. Fortunately, WordQ is flexible enough to adapt to those needs.

Dyslexia and learning differences

It’s hard to see your own mistakes. Asking for help can result in feelings of discomfort and a loss of confidence because you aren’t doing it yourself. What makes it more frustrating is having very clear ideas without the means to express them. It’s easy to talk about them, but writing can feel like a nearly impossible task.

  • Hear misspelled words and punctuation errors read aloud as you type
  • Get spelling help (whether you type or dictate words)
  • Proofread by hearing what you’ve written to check for clarity and flow
  • Choose between similar sounding words with examples you see and hear
  • Customise with your own list of words and relevant topics

WordQ is all about helping you write, using the skills you already possess and building on them. It learns your favourite words and predicts them faster. It also adapts to your writing needs, no matter where you start.


WordQ is the non-judgmental writing partner that patiently pulls your writing along. As each sentence is completed, it reads back your work out loud, helping you stay focused, catch errors and stay on track. It can help you create a polished piece of writing that you can be proud of.

  • Combines your different senses to help you focus while writing
  • Pulls your writing forward with word choices at every keystroke
  • Offers spelling help without needing to ask for it
  • Activates word choices only when you ask for them
  • Uses only the functions you want, so you can keep your focus on writing
  • Reads back what you write to make proofreading engaging

WordQ builds confidence and lowers your anxiety when submitting your work for approval. Writing becomes easier and more enjoyable, allowing your creativity to shine.


WordQ can improve English learning. Because you combine your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills, you can build a complete understanding of the English language.

WordQ is designed to help you improve your English by giving spoken and written feedback. It helps with English learning by clearly pronouncing words and using proper grammar, as well as helping you write better, for longer.

  • Hear any text read with correct pronunciation and rhythm
  • Increase your vocabulary by selecting from different words with similar meanings
  • Make spelling easier by seeing word choices
  • Read and hear examples of words that sound the same but have different meanings
  • Study the correct sound of words by hearing them read out loud
  • Get word help that learns the words you use and offers them faster
  • See and hear your words written correctly to observe improvement


WordQ is designed to provide support to get your ideas out.

  • Word choices help avoid repetition and increase writing variety
  • You can expand your vocabulary by choosing from a variety of words with the same meaning
  • Spoken feedback reinforces correct pronunciation of words
  • Read-back uses correct rhythm and pacing
  • Identifying mistakes is easy when sentences or paragraphs are read aloud
  • The selection process turns writing into an interactive experience
  • You write what you think and feel and hear it read back

WordQ is designed to be intuitive and enjoyable. Within the first minutes of using it, the functions quickly become familiar. It provides assistance in the development of spoken language through clear audio feedback and by highlighting each word spoken so you can follow along.

Aphasia and trauma

WordQ requires very little effort on your part to help maintain a line of communication with those around you and can encourage healing through self-expression.

  • Hearing a written sentence repeated helps you fill in omissions
  • Playback enables creative expression and variety
  • Constant repetition can improve reading comprehension
  • As you type, tap a single key and choose from a list of relevant words
  • You can proofread and edit your work using one key at a time
  • It learns your preferred words and offers them to you quicker
  • You can use the arrow keys, a mouse and/or microphone to write
  • With just a few simple hotkeys, you can access assistive writing functions
  • The software will remember vocabulary you prefer, offering it quicker

WordQ is all about helping you express yourself and your ideas while assisting in the recovery of your communication abilities. Not only can you gain independence through writing, you can express yourself to others.

Limited movement

With WordQ, you can cut down on the number of keystrokes and physical strain while communicating through email and other writing tasks.

  • Accessible word prediction reduces the number of keystrokes required
  • Word box offers logical words that you can select with each letter you type
  • It learns your preferred words and offers them to you quicker
  • Input topic lists so you can save energy when writing about a subject
  • Spoken feedback lets you focus on pressing the right keys
  • Hotkeys, arrow keys, a mouse or microphone can be used to write

WordQ is all about giving you the ability to say what you want. A variety of ways to approach writing allows you to save energy and time, giving you more accessibility options.

At work

Work can be full of demands, deadlines and distractions. It’s easy to overlook errors in writing, especially when you’re in a rush. Bad grammar, misspelled words and run-on sentences make it easy for others to judge you or misinterpret your meaning.

Whether it’s an email or a company newsletter, you know everything you send out reflects on you as a professional and on those you work for. It’s important to feel confident in your writing. Make sure that you can stand behind what you say as well as how you say it.

  • Check your spelling as you type, so you spend less time reviewing
  • Hear what you write read back to you with proper pronunciation and rhythm
  • See and hear mistakes to help you proofread efficiently
  • Write faster as, as word prediction learns and provides the words you prefer
  • Avoid repetition by selecting from words with similar meaning
  • Listen to documents, emails and reports while doing something else
  • Connect directly and independently with your audience

WordQ is all about helping you translate your success in your profession to your writing. Ensure your writing is clear and credible, without distractions from grammar, punctuation and spelling issues.

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Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

System Requirements

  • Windows
    • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 / 8 (32 and 64 bit)
    • Minimum Memory: 1GB MB preferred with installation of high quality speech
    • Minimum Processor: 1 GHz or higher processor speed
    • Sound card and speakers or a headset required
    • DVD drive for installation

  • Mac
    • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4.x – 10.8 (64-bit compatible with Leopard and later since WordQ 2 v2.2 for Mac OS X);
      OS X 10.7/8 compatibility for version 3 or later currently requires an online update download;
      Currently not fully compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, view known issues and work-arounds with Mac OS X Mavericks
    • Minimum Processor: PowerPC or Intel processor
    • Minimum Memory: 1GB RAM preferred with installation of high quality speech
    • DVD drive for installation

Multi-user Feature with a Single User Licence

The single user licence of WordQ is for use on one computer. Since WordQ 3 is designed to support multiple vocabularies, multiple users may use WordQ 3 on this computer by choosing individualised vocabularies.

If a school buys a single user license exclusively for a particular student, that student may use the software at school and at home.

Multi-user Site Licence Purchase Option

The Site Licence option offers an economical way to purchase the WordQ 3 program.

Includes one installation DVD, one serial number and one ‘Quick Start’ user guide.
The licence includes all student home access installations, while students are enrolled with their school.

Installation Notes for Single Station / Multi-user

WordQ may be installed directly on an individual workstation or it may be installed on a network with an installation in that user’s network workspace (User drive).

On a network, the System Administrator must install WordQ with users given full read and write privileges within the WordQ subdirectory.

View / Download

WordQ 3 is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • Mid Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary School
  • Adult

WordQ 3 is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Literacy

Users can access WordQ 3 in the following ways:

  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • Keyboard

For more information on "WordQ 3" read the following articles:

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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