Latest Spectronics Online Resource! Apps for AAC Series

Apps for AAC Series

Check out the latest videos JUST added to the Spectronics Online Resources! Introduction and Part 1: Symbols/Pictures Only Apps available now! Login to start watching straight away!

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2 Responses to Latest Spectronics Online Resource! Apps for AAC Series

  1. Melba L. Treaster says:

    My grandson is in his mid twenties, has cerebral palsy, autism and is very limited in verbal communication. He understands and responds to simple commands. I sense his frustration in making his wants known.
    I understand that there are electronic devices to enable communication for individuals. I have looked at some of the I pad devices but the devices and apps are a total confusion to me at this point. We are looking for something our family can use to help James.
    Are there simple, not so expensive devices available for people such as my grandson?
    Melba L. Treaster

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      Hi Melba,
      It certainly can be confusing to navigate the world of apps for communication and the communication devices that are out there. Do you have a speech pathologist you can speak to. They will be able to assess your grandson and make recommendations for a device or app and support you and the family with implementation. There are a number of simpler communication devices that you can record messages onto such as the Supertalker or GoTalk series communication devices. I would be happy to point you to more information about these or where you can access them if you would like to contact me
      Kind regards,

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