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Michael O'Leary Michael O’Leary
Managing Director
(Occupational Therapist)
Barbara Landsberg Barbara Landsberg
Sales and Marketing Director
(Occupational Therapist)

Professional and Consultancy Services Team

Greg O'Connor Greg O’Connor
Professional and Consultancy Services Manager
Charlene Cullen Charlene Cullen
Inclusive Technology Consultant
(Speech Pathologist)
Katie Lyon Katie Lyon
Inclusive Technology Consultant
(Speech Pathologist)
Amanda Hartmann Amanda Hartmann
Inclusive Technology Consultant
(Speech Pathologist)
Trelise Stoneham Trelise Stoneham
Consultancy Services Support

Technical Support Team

Terry Prescott Terry Prescott
Customer Support Manager
Richard Frimmer Richard Frimmer
Engineering Technician
Natalie Machen Natalie Machen
Customer Support Officer

Events and Marketing Team

Keiran O'Leary Keiran O’Leary
Systems Development Manager
David David Vu
Web Design Marketing Assistant
Jamie Thomas Jamie Thomas
Graphic Design Marketing Assistant
Lorraine Cameron Lorraine Cameron
Data Management and Event Operations

Administration Team

Karl Francois Karl Francois
Business Manager
Dip Acc; IT; JP (Qual)
Drew Finlay Drew Finlay
Accounts Coordinator
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