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Not just well designed, but designed well for special needs users

MONTY-3D Wheelchair Mount with QuickShift for Eye Control SystemsThe MONTY-3D mounting system is suitable for mounting communication devices and notebooks on a wheelchair.

There is also a model designed with heavy duty features for mounting Eye Control Communication Devices too!

Most models feature:

  • Infinitely adjustable – No toothing, no restricting stopping function – infinitely three-dimensionally adjustable
  • Maximum degree of movement – Precise positioning is always possible to overcome the most difficult circumstances
  • Simple to mount – For correct mounting, simply go by the sequence marked on each joint – 1, 2, 3, Ready!
  • Slim modular system – Offers an infinite possibility of combinations with the least amount of parts
  • High stability – Use of aircraft-grade aluminium offering the highest precision during manufacturing
  • Very lightweight – Designed from the beginning to save weight for optimum ease of use
  • Connection free from play – No connections have play. Especially comfortable while driving on uneven surfaces

REHAdapt Monty 3D Wheelchair Mount


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