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Everybody loves computer games, but these programs are unique. They can be enjoyed by children with severe/profound disabilities, including those functioning below nine months of age.

These entertaining games introduce and reinforce cause-and-effect and turn taking by allowing individuals with severe/profound disabilities to interface with the computer using a single switch, keyboard, touch screen or mouse. They all run identically but each has a unique set of characters and routines. They are so much fun, many teachers also use them to reward their students for good work.

How to choose a Creature Game

All of the Creature Games are designed to train cause-and-effect, turn taking and the use of a single switch, mouse or touchscreen.

Creature Antics, Creature Capers, and Creature Features offer the lowest level of training and are appropriate beginning programs for individuals with severe/profound disabilities.

Creature Cartoons is ideal for teaching switch control to higher functioning individuals who have physical impairments.

Creature Magic introduces important language and cognitive concepts for individuals who can benefit from additional language stimulation.

Creature Chorus offers activities that can be used to train visual tracking, discrete pointing, scanning and mouse skills.

All of the Creature games provide valuable experiences across a range of physical, cognitive and linguistic tasks. Even after your students have mastered all of the concepts and kills, they’ll still enjoy these entertaining games.


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