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Prevent unintentional keystrokes and guide key selection

Image of IntelliKeys Keyguards

Are your students struggling to select the correct keys on the overlays?
Keyguards are the answer. These plastic frames are designed to clip on top of the Standard Overlays that come with IntelliKeys as well as on your own custom overlays. They provide physical separation between keys so students can make more accurate choices.

Keyguards available:

  • Keyguards for Standard Overlays
    Clear acrylic keyguards are available for each of the standard IntelliKeys overlays. Slip in your overlay then snap the appropriate keyguard onto your IntelliKeys. Its special locking design will keep it in place.
  • Keyguards for Custom Overlays
    These lightweight, plastic keyguards were designed for use with your own custom overlays. Nine layouts are available – each with a different number of keys. Just snap these over your custom overlay. Overlay Maker is required to create custom overlays.

    Also available as Keyguards for Custom Overlays is the 96-hole Keyguard in clear acrylic. This versatile keyguard can be used with many of the pre-designed overlays that come with IntelliTools software.


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