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ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Literacy Series


Available now

ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Literacy Series screenshotsEach of these rich multi-media and switch-accessible CD-ROMs contains over 25 activities that map directly to the UK Department for Education Letters and Sounds: Principles and practice of high quality phonics. See also Free Letters and Sounds Resources.

How can ChooseIt! Ready-mades benefit your students?

Ease of use

  • Really easy to use for both teacher/carer and children
  • A simple way of finding what you need for any lesson. Easy to show other adults
  • Children focus on the learning objectives, not the computer

Children’s achievement

  • Learning is motivated through positive reinforcement
  • Perfect for all children who need extra practice with understanding key concepts
  • Performance statistics are available and ready to print

Flexible and fun

  • Lots of pictures, music and speech support
  • Great for use with a group on a big screen, or one to one in a corner
  • Activities can be personalised using ChooseIt! Maker 2, or simply use each CD on its own

How do the ChooseIt! Ready-mades provide extra support?

ChooseIt! Ready-mades can be used successfully by all children, but have special features for children who need extra support.

  • For struggling learners
    Easy to use – children can focus on the task rather than on how to use the computer.
  • Physical difficulties
    The Ready-mades are accessible using switches.
  • Visual impairment
    Each CD has clear pictures and full speech support with a real voice.
  • For children with autism
    Consistent presentation with positive reinforcement means children are not distracted, confused or upset. Used with a group, they are fantastic for encouraging turn taking.

Each activity has a graded sequence of 20 to 40 simply presented multiple-choice questions, which are structured using a positive reinforcement strategy. Correct answers result in a short animated sequence with music and spoken reinforcement, while full speech support and switch access options provide access to learning by almost all students.

The full set has over 250 activities and 5,000 pages!

The CD-ROMs include simple performance reporting, so you can record student progress.

Designed by a teacher with over 20 years experience in primary and special schools, the series is ideal for students at 3 to 7 years old as well as those with special needs who need extra practice.

Should the activity content not quite fit your specific needs, you can modify them using ChooseIt! Maker 2. ChooseIt! Maker 2 is very easy to use and allows you to change the text, the pictures, the speech or music in an activity.

Additional resources are provided on each CD as worksheets and images to print and use away from the computer.

You can use each of these CD-ROMs on their own – no need for additional software!

ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Literacy titles available:

  • Initial Sounds
    Covers the sounds of the 26 letters, both individually spoken and spoken at the beginning of words. There is one activity for each letter, with five extra activities for each of the long vowel sounds. A choice of round-up activities includes VC and CVC blending. No grapheme recognition is required, although graphemes are introduced passively. Over 650 individual pages of activities.
  • Initial Letters
    Looks at the matching and recognition of written letters, a-z. There is one activity for each letter as well as a selection of round-up activities. Over 800 individual pages of activities.
  • Initial Blends: Sounds
    This CD-ROM covers the sounds of the 26 most common initial consonant blends. One activity for each of ch, sh, th, qu and tr. A further 13 activities introduce more blends in pairs (eg: for “bl” and “cl” together). Also includes fun round-up activities. Grapheme recognition is not required, although graphemes are introduced passively. Over 450 individual pages of activities.
  • Initial Blends: Letters
    Covers matching and recognition of written blends. Common blends are covered, both individually and in pairs. With several motivating round-up activities. Over 700 individual pages of activities.
  • Listening Skills
    Practise matching and identifying environmental sounds, vocal utterances, musical instruments, music styles, nursery rhymes, simple instructions, sequencing sounds, counting syllables, rhyming and alliteration. Covers most of Phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds standard. Over 400 individual pages of activities.
  • Alphabet
    Over 40 activities focus on learning the names of the 26 letters (rather than their phonic sounds) and on dictionary skills. Includes distinguishing letters from other symbols through to sorting whole words alphabetically. Also letter reversals, matching upper and lowercase and the British Sign Language alphabet. Over 550 individual pages of activities.
  • Everyday Words
    Provides practice in recognising, hearing, matching, reading and spelling everyday words for colour, number, days of the week, months and seasons. Over 550 individual pages of activities.
  • Tricky High Frequency Words
    Multiple choice activities to practise recognition of tricky high frequency words that are so difficult to learn to read and spell. Covers PreK to Years 1 and 2 word lists. Over 600 pages of activities.


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