Weally Wonderful Websites V8.0

Weally Wonderful Websites has been updated for the last time in 2011. It has grown to 85 A4 pages in length with new sites added to 75% of the document. Once again I thank people who have contributed especially to Lee Blunt, Greg Alchin and Steven Jurgeit. Please share it on listservs, Twitter Feeds and email it on to colleagues and especially parents.

Download Weally Wonderful Websites (MS Word docx 3.1 MB) – Use Firefox to download if you have problem with saving the file under Internet Explorer.
Download Weally Wonderful Websites (zip 2.6 MB)

If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can download a free Microsoft Word viewer.

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About Gerry Kennedy

Gerry Kennedy is an Independent Information and Inclusive Technology Consultant, working in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. He has specialised in the areas of special needs, rehabilitation and assistive technology support in education and employment for over 27 years. A teacher of 31 years, he currently works at East Burwood SDS school part time, as an ICT Teacher.

Gerry has had experience working in all states in Australia and Territories. He advises from Early Education and Pre-school through to secondary schools, having lectured to TAFE and University to under and post graduates. He frequently publishes articles and software reviews on numerous web sites and in journals and magazines.

Gerry promotes leading practice in the implementation and deployment of innovative ICT and Inclusive Technology in education and training. He consults, trains and advises parents, therapists, and other education and therapy related professionals as well as school personnel in how best to utilise and harness the features and functions of mainstream and specialised software as well as assistive device implementation.

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