Spectronics Online : Wrap up of 2012 and What’s New in 2013!

What an exciting year 2012 was for us! Not only did we hold our biennial Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference in May with delegates from all over the world attending, our Spectronics Consultancy Team did some globe-hopping too, visiting Qatar, Singapore and New Zealand, as well as travelling all over Austalia to present a variety of informative sessions to a wide range of audiences. We also released our brand new Spectronics Online Premium Subscription service in September!

With 2012 seeing the popularity of the iPad sky-rocket as well as its incorporation into the majority of schools and organisations, we are often asked “Now I have an iPad in my classroom…how do I use it?”. Not to mention the confusion around the many available apps and options for successfully integrating iPads into your classroom or therapy practices. We specifically designed our Spectronics Online Premium Subscription service to help answer these questions and many more!

Spectronics Online gives you access to a growing collection of resources created by our clever Consultancy Team covering the following areas.

All designed to help you quickly get the information you need to make informed decisions re the apps and strategies that will work best for your students. Particularly those students who need additional learning support. Those students with additional behaviour management needs. And those students who require assistance to be able to communicate effectively.

With 45 resources and videos already available for Spectronics Online subscribers, we thought we would share a list of all of these to date as well as a few of our coming soon resources!

Current iPads in Special Education videos and resources

Successfully Using iPads to Create Social Stories by Katie Lyon

Alternative Access Options for the iPad by Charlene Cullen

Successfully Using iPads to Support Your Students with Autism by Amanda Hartmann

Successfully Using iPads to Create Visual Supports for All by Katie Lyon

Making Learning Accessible: Maximising the Use of the iPad to Support Diverse Learners (iBook) by Greg O’Connor


Current iPads for Literacy Support in Mainstream/Regular Education Settings videos and resources

Apps for Early Literacy Series by Amanda Hartmann

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 (books, story telling and oral language)
  • Part 2 (letter-sound identification, letter tracing
  • Part 3 (rhyme, phonics for reading and spelling) Released this week!

Successfully Using iPads to Support Literacy – Introduction by Greg O’Connor


Current iPads for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) videos and resources

Apps for AAC Series by Amanda Hartmann, Charlene Cullen and Katie Lyon

  • Part One – Symbol/Pictures Only Apps
  • Part Two – Symbol and Text-to-Speech Apps
  • Part Three – Text Based Apps


‘On the Road’ Presentations

Making Learning Accessible: Maximising the Use of the iPad to Support Diverse Learners Presentation at ACEC in Perth WA by Greg O’Connor

Autism and Assistive Technology 2nd Oct 2012 and 3rd Oct 2012 by Amanda Hartmann

Global Collaboration – Extending Professional Learning Networks in Learning Support and Special Education (Presented at ACEC2012) by Barbara Landsberg and Greg O’Connor

Strategies for Supporting Communication, Literacy and Positive Behaviour in the Classroom by Charlene Cullen


Product Training Videos


Proloquo2Go:Making it work for you! by Amanda Hartmann

What’s to know? Explore new features of Proloquo2Go 2.0 by Amanda Hartmann


Texthelp Read&Write Gold

Texthelp Read&Write 10 GOLD: An Introduction by Greg O’Connor

Texthelp Read&Write Gold: Beyond the Basics Series by Katie Lyon

  • 1. Reading Tools
  • 2. Writing Tools
  • 3. Study Skills
  • 4. Additional Features


Boardmaker Software Family

Meet the Boardmaker Software Family: Every member explained! By Katie Lyon

Boardmaker Studio by Katie Lyon

Boardmaker Plus Basics: Making talking books and other onscreen activities by Charlene Cullen

Boardmaker Basics: Creating Print Activities by Katie Lyon

Clicker 6

Clicker 6: An Introduction by Charlene Cullen

Clicker 6 – My Favourite Things by Katie Lyon


Getting creative with the Skoog with developer Benjaman Schogler

Co:Writer 6

Co:Writer 6 by Greg O’Connor


Introduction to the DynaVox Series 5 by Charlene Cullen


Current Conference Videos

Conference Opening and Keynote Presentation: Inclusive Learning Technologies: Learning from the Past, Teaching to the Present, Training for the Future by Kelly Fonner

Keynote Presentation: Beyond Recreation and Leisure: Motor Cognitive Learning through Engaging the Brain by Linda Burkhart

Keynote Presentation: Literacy for All: Blocks for Building Literacy Success by Chris Lennon and Jane Farrall

Keynote Presentation: What Works? Assistive Technology + Literacy Strategies for Learner Success by Jason Carroll

Keynote Presentation: Raising the Achievement Bar with Universal Design for Learning by Joy Zabala

Apps for Literacy Support: The iPad for Diverse Learners who Struggle with Literacy by Greg O’Connor

The iPad and iPod touch in the Special Needs Classroom by Mark Coppin

Using the iPad and Proloquo2Go in an Educational Environment by David Niemeijer and Kelly Fonner

AppTastic! Hands-on with the iPad for Accessibility and Special Education by an International team of Apple Distinguished Educators and Apple Accessibility Ambassadors (USA and Australia)

The Killer App? by Ian Bean

Coming Soon!

Apps for Early Literacy Series– Part 4 (more spelling, sight words, sentences) by Amanda HartmannAvailable on 15/01/13

Using Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs on your iPad to Support Writings by Katie Lyon

Clicker 6: Beyond the Basics Series by Amanda Hartmann, Charlene Cullen and Katie Lyon

Part 1 – Customising Clicker 6 for the individual needs of your students: Access & Preferences
Part 2 – Taking a tour of the Wizards & Templates in Clicker 6 (including talking about Superdrive & Learning Grids)
Part 3 – Practical Applications of Clicker 6 across the curriculum
Part 4 – Advanced Editing

All Students As Authors – Demonstrating the Use of iBooks Author and eBook Creation Apps for the iPad to Create Digital Content by Greg O’Connor


We have plenty more videos heading your way in 2013 so keep watching this space! Click here for more information about Spectronics Online or sign up for a free 7 day trial subscription.

If you have any questions regarding a Spectronics Online Premium Subscription please email online@spectronicsinoz.com or give us a call on +61 7 3808 6833. We are happy to help!


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