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When I’m not out and about delivering training and consultancy, I’m busy beavering away writing more new programs for switch and touch screen users. Right now, I’m working on a colouring book that everyone can use. Look out for it on the web site in the next few weeks. Currently these programs are for Windows only but look out for iPad and Android apps coming very soon.


Age Appropriate Resources


Hotter.. Everyone is dancing Gangnam Style

I’m forever being asked about age appropriate resources for our older learners with severe and complex needs. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing a collection of exemplar resources on my web site which illustrate how the tools we already have in school can be used to create lively and motivating teaching activities for this student group.

Will your class make their own celebrity gossip magazine in SwitchIt! Maker? How about role playing and videoing social stories. Here’s one we made earlier. Being Bullied!


Really useful stuff



Every day I post links on my Facebook Page to free and low cost apps appropriate to learners of all ages who have special educational needs. Here’s a couple from the last few days.

Tiny Tap: Moments into Games is a wonderful little app that lets you add questions to your photographs or other images. Simply draw around something and record a question. It’s really simple to make very personalised activities for our students. Some of the sound effects used in the app place this very much with our younger students although I have emailed them about an ‘older’ version. At the moment the app is still free. Grab it while you can.

Reflector is a small program that you run on your PC or Mac that will allow you to mirror the screen (and sound) from your iPad (or other i-device) through a wireless network. Download the trial version and install it on the computer you use with your interactive whiteboard and everyone in the class will be able to see the iPad screen. The full version costs less than $USD 13.

If you’re working with students at a cause and effect level, check out these apps from Cognable. Sensory Light Box and Sensory Sound Box are both brilliant apps for anyone at this stage of learning. These wonderful apps are available for both IOS and Android devices at $1.99.


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About Ian Bean

Ian was the ICT teacher and curriculum coordinator at Priory Woods School in Middlesbrough which is internationally recognised as an example of best practice in the use of ICT to support teaching and learning for students with severe and complex difficulties including Autism. HIs leadership of ICT won for the school many local, national and international awards. The school web site which Ian designed and ran for many years and welcomes millions of visitors each month from across the globe.

Ian left Priory Woods to lead the Information Team at Inclusive Technology where he was responsible for delivering training and consultancy to schools around the world. While at Inclusive, Ian worked closely with the development team to help design much of Inclusive’s software output over the last seven years. This includes titles from the ‘Big Bang’, ‘Switch Skills’, ‘Target and Touch’ and ‘Maker’ series, each design underpinned by best practice research Ian carried out in schools and colleges. Most recently Ian worked on MyZone LP, an innovate switch accessible learning learning platform for children with SEN.

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