Karen and Lee Voices available on MAC OS

Mac OS X Voice Synthesisers SpeechWhilst attending the excellent Making a Difference SA Expo last week, conducted at Hindmarsh, Jim  Sprialis, Craig and I discovered that some high quality Australian text to speech (TTS) Karen and Lee were available as free downloads for MAC OS users.

These voices are freely available for download in the later versions of MAC OS 10.7 (or later).  Check out the link at: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/07/24/os-x-lion-introduces-new-multilingual-high-quality-text-to-spe/ for more details.

They will install into the speech panel in System Preferences and be available to all programs that support these TTS voice engines.

Mac OS Text to Speech settings‘These new voices, sourced from Nuance, are not only available in several dialects of English but also, in an OS X first, in several other languages. Text-to-speech voices are now available in Arabic, three different Chinese dialects, Czech, Danish, two varieties of Dutch, Finnish, two French dialects, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, two Portuguese dialects, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, two Spanish dialects, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.’

Therefore Karen and Lee voices will work with Texthelp Read & Write V4 and Clicker 6 software as does the Alex voice!  This is great news for all students and users who need high quality TTS on their Macs.

Lee voice selected for Text to SpeechSo many educators and speech and language pathologists have requested voices with Australian accents for modelling, pronunciation, clarity and as a user preference. They cater to students with LD and to anyone who needs a voice that is clear and accommodates their reading needs, vision loss, learning difference or intellectual impairment.

Read the article, follow the directions and then install the new voices (and there are many other voices in other languages). Note: They are large files and take a while to download so use a fast internet connection.

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Gerry has had experience working in all states in Australia and Territories. He advises from Early Education and Pre-school through to secondary schools, having lectured to TAFE and University to under and post graduates. He frequently publishes articles and software reviews on numerous web sites and in journals and magazines.

Gerry promotes leading practice in the implementation and deployment of innovative ICT and Inclusive Technology in education and training. He consults, trains and advises parents, therapists, and other education and therapy related professionals as well as school personnel in how best to utilise and harness the features and functions of mainstream and specialised software as well as assistive device implementation.

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    Thank you for your endorsement and support of the Spectronic’s Blog. There are literally hundreds of posts by very experienced teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occuputional Therapists and technically aware experts. We are happy to share our ideas, thoughts, opinions and strategies.
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