Clicker 6: My Favourite Things!

Yes – you heard right - Clicker 6 is soon to be released here in Australia! I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy to have a play and I can tell you – it is fabulous!

Clicker 6 builds on the acclaimed support features of its predecessor. Basically it’s new features mean more student independence and less teacher time required! And who wouldn’t want that!?!

Want a sneak peek? Well I have recorded this very short video highlighting some of my favourite things with the new and improved Clicker 6, including:


  • Quick Start Screen: means the student is able to start working straight away and can access their favourites list, the word processor and recent activities directly from this intuitive start up screen.
  • Click and Edit Books: Enables students to independently create their own talking books and presentations!
  • Enhanced Picture Support: There are now over 2500 pictures, Clicker Paint is now fully integrated into the program and webcam support is available to quickly and easily import photos into your Clicker documents.
  • Clicker Wizards: Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly create personalised reading, writing, matching, labelling, speaking and listening activities. Now what used to take you hours of programming can take seconds – literally!
  • Immediate Access to Learning Grids: No need to login, access hundreds of free resources instantly from within Clicker! This is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!

Whether you are working in mainstream education or a special needs setting, Clicker 6 is the perfect tool for helping all your students achieve reading and writing success. Check it out! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Oh – and just announced – Crick have kindly donated an unlimited School site licenceof Clicker 6, valued at over $3500,  for the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference closing session prize pool – very cool!

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About Katie Lyon

Katie is a speech pathologist and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) consultant who has been working with young children and adults with complex communication needs for the past 13 years. She has had worked in various roles including Coordinator of the Non-electronic Communication Aid Scheme and Regional Communication Service in Victoria as part of the state-wide Communication Access Network. She has a keen interest in supporting families, teachers, direct support workers and therapists to access information about AAC and assistive technology through education and training. She currently works part-time with Spectronics and part-time with the Communication Resource Centre at Scope in Victoria.

13 Responses to Clicker 6: My Favourite Things!

  1. Jackie says:

    Just wondering if clicker 6 (or even 5) is available for download onto iPad?

    • Katie Lyon says:

      Hi Jackie,
      Clicker 5 (and 6) is not available as an app for the iPad, only for Windows and Mac. I know you are not the only person wondering about this – I have been asked a few times before… :) Cheers, Katie

  2. Sam Powrie says:

    Will Clicker 6 be available in any form as an ‘update’ for those of us who own Clicker 5?

  3. Rachel Leslie says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there was a Clicker 5 or 6 equivalent for the iPad (I know we can’t get this program but is there something else out there that is similar?).



  4. Sue Carlyon says:

    Although Clicker 6 is not on the iPad, there are some apps that will do “bits” of it.

    Pictello (£14ish) produces digital books that are similar to those produced in Clicker 6.

    Grid Player (free) offers a writing tool with word prediction, symbol support and speech. Copy and paste into a word processor e.g. Pages in order to print writing.

    Assistive Chat, allows text to speech with word prediction. Programme “learns” new words Again, copy and paste into Pages to print.

    I have just been playing with Clicker 6 and made a video Christmas song book by importing a Christmas song / video into the main cell on one of the pages of the book, adding a picture to link to the song, typing the title of the song in the text box underneath the main cell and record some thing about the song. Can’t share it though as using downloaded You Tube videos.

    Great programme. Sue – Plymouth, UK

    • Katie Lyon says:

      Thanks so much Sue for these suggestions – we too love Pictello for creating full screen talking books. Your Christmas activity sounds like fun too! Exciting news….we heard a rumour that Crick Software WILL be developing some apps to compliment their fab software – Watch this space! There will be more information coming very soon.

  5. Sean Perry says:

    Hi, can Clicker 6 be accessed via the cloud? through access to a server or must it be loaded onto the individual device? The computers we have do not have disk drives…


    • trelise says:

      Hi Sean,
      Great question! I’ve arranged for Terry Prescott from our Technical Support team to contact you via email and provide some additional information.
      All the best,

    • trelise says:

      Hi Sean,
      Could you please email us at with your details? Unfortunately we are having troubles contacting you via the email provided. As soon as we have this we are more than happy to provide further details on Clicker 6.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

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